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    Ok maybe the last post is a little bit overrated so let’s just forget about it. Phew so it's already April. Time flies so fast aite? Actually, I'm really exhausted because this week is hella crazy. It’s all started on Friday. What's Friyay to me every week? None because this girl is a little over-active with her life these days. So I don't have any class on Friday but Muz told me that she wanted to send Sam off at bus station and I said I wanted to accompany her. That Friday morning I went to the library.. sort of acah study a bit but I just scrolled my phone, liking instagram's picture and other stuffs. Then I got messages from Ain, she said she was at cafe so I went to join her. We'd a little convo and Amirul joined us too. She got class at 10am so I don't have to worry leaving her alone there. (she's a little bit mengada when that time of the months arrived so I don't mind). 

    Muz picked me up after she finished her class and we started our journey. (Iem joined us too). The original planned was to send Sam at Pantai Remis but then his bus is not arrived yet so.. we decided to send him at his mum's school terus. Last minute planned always working guys. Always. After lunch at Taiping, we went back to uni and arrived at 1pm-ish but we're still hungry that we grabbed slurpee and hershey's ice-cream. I killed my diet guys. Rest well buddy. You'll be missed by me.... Do you think my journey end there? of course not.. after Muz parked at Armada 2.. this girl.. yeah your favourite girl is on fire.. which is me.. went to my boyfriend's car because we'd movie date with his friends. If only I knew about the word 'rest'.. definitely I would spend my evening on my comfy bed but haa nope. I choose my boyfriend over bed. #heislucky #wheretofindgflikeme We watched boss baby and Ain was right. That movie is actually good and the characters are so freaking cute that I was like 'awww' the whole time but I acted like nothing happened because zarul will actually bahan me for that so its a no. After movie, we'd a little date (we sent off his friends at armada and went out again) and having a fun convo.. its not a conversation actually, its more to bahan the wechat's couple. I can't dohh.. just by thinking of them make me wanna laugh. Like.. haih mudah terhibur betul lah. 

    Finally neno knew about getting tired so I arrived at my room at 8pm-ish that somehow I got Iem's messages about Anis's programme at 9pm. Lina asked us who joined the night trail to gather at 10pm so I joined Anis's programmed for a short time because I'd only 1 hour with them.

    You can see those photos (my hiking and Anis's leadership programme at my instagram).

    Pheww so that's my activities for this weekend. I only slept for 2 hour guys. *pat myself * 
You know.. even though I'm exhausted and need some good sleep.. I still want to meet him tho even he's kesian at me but sayang I don't care haa gittew.

    You know what I've been thinking these days.. thinking about how lucky I am. I read my journals every day. The day I fall for him thinking maybe its just normal crush and I can't get him because maybe he got a gf whatsoever and then the next page.. boom he's my boyfriend now. kelakar kan #fattahaminlovers The  fun things.. my feelings towards him don't fade I mean dude... I'm obsessed with this guy that my wallpaper, the back of my phone's case, and my journal is full with his face. Is it too over? hmm I can't help myself tho the hardwork that I did to attract his attention is phenomenal such as tried to get close with him, acting like I accidentally sent the wrong messages at him and others. omg I'm so embarassed thinking of what I did. kelakar kan its actually paid off. So girls, work hard okay but don't with others bf or what.. know your limit. 

    Every time I went out with him, it legit feel like it is our first time. Like the first day we met. I still got butterflies in my stomach tho every time he kissed my hand whatsover and my mind would say.. congrats gurl, this guy is yours.. for real. I should celebrate for this. 

    But after all this time, I guess maybe things happened at the right time because right now I try to live my life well.. if he does something that I don't like.. i choose to keep quiet. (if he saw this he will reply.. 'she choose to flight mode her phone for an hour actually'). Because I think.. its not worth to fight over little things because in the end of the day.. I'm the one who'll search for him because seorang wanita yang berwawasan 2020, berdikari dan mampu berdikari atas kaki sendiri need her man too. (facepalm). When was in my 1 series age.. (14 and above lah sekarang dah 2 series = 20). I want my man to keep my sticky notes that I give to him and the day of our perkahwinan he'll open the box that contains all of my notes throughout the years. If it happen to me.. omg he's the real deal tho but I don't put high hopes over this because that was my angan2 palsu back then. hahah I should sign in into joke's contest guys because I'm too funny. 

    Anyways, I'm hoping that this April month will be a good month to me and everybody. Pray for my tests this week to haih gonna hustle more. Oh and happy birthday to my brother, that Irfan one. Already 15 years old haihh. he's getting older tho.. and taller..... great.....

    Hee till we meet again.

    p/s: my whole body is still sore that zarul might piggyback me during orienteering next week. Pray for his back, muscles, bones and other joints.