27 Feb 2017


After having a very short semester break.. 

I’m heading back to uni for orientation week. Dah jadi akak fasi uolls with contract setahun. (don’t know whether it is the good or bad thing). My bus was at 9am and mum sending me to the bus station. A little bit sad to leave her actually because I do miss her everyday lately hmm. For the first time of my life, the bus that I took don’t have any other passenger so I’m all alone. I kept telling myself it’s okay as maybe there’re people at Alor Setar but… there’s only… one.. Person... Who got into the bus. #denoredho 

I just acted cool, listening to Spotify as I’m the premium user right now *flip hair*. RM15 actually worth it. 

And it was the first time for me too to take the cab to go to uni. I lost count how many times my mum call me to make sure no one kidnapped her daughter. (Usually, my family would send me to uni instead of taking the bus).  I arrived at uni at 4pm-ish and I contacted Akmal because he’s the one who’ve the hostel’s key and there’s a monkey. I’m already felt the adrenaline rush because monkey is one of the ‘puaka’ animal here. At last, we’re fine as the monkey don’t attack us. 

Felt so weird at first because it is the first time we changed armada.. from 3 to 1 (dahulunya hostel lelaki). Redho je la nk bt cmna. We started meeting the next day and getting to know each other. We started to tidy up the mess that had been created during last semester. We moved from one location to others and doing multitasking. Naik lori together haha it is fun actually. (ada kat sanpchat I semua video tu). Next, all of us with Madam Sara and other uni’s staff tolong pasang besi langsir. First time jugak buat benda alah ni. If my mum knew about this, she might have those trust issues because when I’m at home.. I’m the useless daughter they ever had. After that, we climb up the window to attach the curtain. So gayat I told you. Next, we brought the chair from ground floor to second floor and doing other stuff. 

team pasang langsir

Dhia and I already felt the tiredness so we decided to do mini adventure in armada 1, we went to the top floor and the view was amazing. Then we shouted at the people down there... there’re Akim,Akmal, Tun and others. 

The orientation started 2 days later on Sunday. I was in charged in PK1 for registration. Later that evening, our wow event started. Our ice-breaking session is the most masuk air type la... My part was ringing a bell attracting their attention... then I introduced myself. Pm tepi kalau nk tips confident tanpa perlu memakai topeng masked rider.  Muz and I were in charged for food and beverage. The orientation for this semester is more to relax.. No more ragging like our golden time. (still remember the penderitaan that we’d to face for a week). Overall, it’s a great week... even some of the student ngelat tak datang .. The rest was awesome. Our bond between wow-crew become closer. Every night we’ll have a meeting.. But it’s more to comedy show starring by cikman. Can you believe that Biki almost choked because of cikman’s jokes? Nightmare for him that day. 

da tak betul lepas kena pulau 5 minit

explorace session

river crossing's session
The last day of orientation, we had to do a performance and we chose ‘sketsa’. I swore to God, all of us didn’t know what’s happening to ourselves.. plan lain.. outcome lain haha. The storyboard were messed up and we decided to do the sketsa spontaneously. Thanks to cikman, our sketsa was successful. It was very hilarious, I wish you can see the full performance. 

The next day, these same faces gotta do performance once again because the head of SDCL was here at our uni. But this time.. We’re singing. Banana , Selena Gomez, Ne-Yo and Kpop’s song. Dhia and I were the background dancer. I keep replaying our performance video and I looked like someone who’s high on weed or something hahah. Belasah je noks menari and there’re Cikman and Hisham eating bananas, maggi, junk food in front of the stage. Our gimik never fail told ya. After that we’re headed to DK after having our lunch for conference. It was video call. Something new for me. As we saw, our uni’s vid seems dark so everyone ain’t giving fck so they slept. Unfortunately, our vid ain’t dark pun .. at other uni skrin cerah elok ja kahkah ‘buat hal betul’-Tun.

video conference
Before bersurai.. We gather at the hall with the new intakes. We apologized and told them the truth as Muz, Cikman and I are in diploma. Hehe peace. Overall, this feb intake was amazing. Looking forward to other intakes this march, july and September.

Later that night, Madam decided to treat us KFC. We’re laughing and having great moment that night. After that we headed to karaoke. I thought I already saw the worst karaoke performance in my life which is Cikman with his nono paso (kpop’s song) and acai ft pael performance, but then there’s Hisham blew up that place with dangdut’s song. Crack betul la ahalaii hahah. Thank you Hisham for making my life great again. Hidup Hisham!! (Looking forward for this year, banyak beno surprise even baru early year). I wish this friendship will last long. More importantly, my relationship with … will last long too. Sapa tew? Hahaha malu la nnti la citer. So that’s all.

Till we meet again. 

mr president penat ye

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