24 Feb 2017

Take Over Johor

Hai guys
So it’s already February... a lot of things were happening and I didn't have time and when I've time.. That blogging mood won't come. As I promised, I want to update about Johor. 

Our last paper ended at 11.30am-ish and after filling up our tummy, Muz and I decided to clean up our room as we need to clear things up and leave the room like the first day we stepped in. As I predicted... I brought too much things that maybe I thought I'm gonna stay in that room until I'm in semester 5. But nah... we gonna change Armada from 3 to 1. It was 'the boy' armada and I don't know what to expect tomorrow. Yeap I'm gonna back to uni tomorrow. Sad lyfe. Back to the story, we managed to finish cleaning and clearing our room that evening even though it was raining heavily. Then we went to SDCL for check-out process. I've a little chit chat with Aisar and he teased us about being fasi for this orientation -.- Adilla finished her paper earlier so she was at home already. We 'lepak' at Ain's house as our bus trip at 8.45pm-ish. I took a nap while Muz and Ain were scrolling their Instagram's feed. We left the house an hour early and got some McD because we were hungry. It was Chinese New Year and the ticket almost sold out so we got the last pair of tickets which Muz and I got the last seating. (at the back of the bus) #sofun #youguyshsouldtryit 

We arrived at Larkin at 6am-ish and the driver had to shake me up because both of us langsung tak sedar. So exhausted but we managed to catch the other bus to take us to Muz's city that is Kota Tinggi. It was an hour trip and I was so sleepy. Rasa macam nak belasah tido round 2. Muz's aunt pick us up at bus station and treat us KFC. Muz's mom greet us at the house. I thought I gonna get my sleeping beauty back but nahh.. Once you're with Muz, you gotta prepare your physical and mental. First day, she already brought me to her relative's house. Not one.. But A LOT. I forgot to mention about her little sister, Caca. Cute but hyper tho. Later that evening, she brought me to night market. Not as fancy as Manjung.. Maybe it was because of the rainy weather.
hai caca

I went to Muz’s hometown which located at Mersing. It took an hour-ish journey but it don’t felt like an hour as Muz’s father drove so fast. I’m shook. Haha. I went to her Grandma, Aunty and other’s house. Rasa cam dah meet 7 keturunan family Muz that day. Fact of the day: Every state in Johor have their own crowns (jakun) . Finally I got to taste Keropok lekor Mersing and Satar (this one is so sedap but I was too shy to ask for more so bye-bye cravings t.t) and my lovely roommate brought me to the beach too. We took some pictures for our memories. (bukan selalu deno keluar perlis.. more detail : keluar rumah) 

Muz’s aunty has a special cat. I don’t know if you guys ever met this type of cat. This cat is deaf. Deaf but so cute. His fur is so thick that when you hold his body. His actual body is so tiny and the rest of ‘em are thick fur. Everyone tried to make loud noise to attract his attention but he acted like nothing happened because he can’t hear. Poor little baby cat. We came to conclusion that this cat can apply for HKU (Haiwan Kurang Upaya) so lucky.. mesti dapat parking boek punya ni hmm. After that, we went to Felda.. Another long hour journey that I felt asleep in the car. (tak kisah la keta laju cam Lamborghini ke pa sis belasah tido je). It’s already late evening when we arrived. Muz’s aunt is a keropok lekor mersing’s seller. I can see that they got a lot customer there because 1. It was delicious 2. Nak pergi mersing jauh bapak so why waste time kan. 3. Her son is handsome. I just lied that 3rd one. Tapi not bad la. As the customer datang tak putus2, she asked us to lepak at next kedai. Muz and I ordered special burger while Caca ordered chicken chop. To be honest I regret to not order the same thing as the aunty belanja us. Huwaa t.t. That chicken chop seems sedap nak mateyyy. I lost counts about how many times I put keropok lekor in my mouth and lets ignore the sauce because too hot (for me) . We went back to Kota Tinggi at 6.30pm-ish. I was so exhausted because back at Perlis. My family are not this close with other relatives so this is a new experience for me. Experience melawat 7 keturunan family Muz.

Later that night, Muz brought me to meet Haziq. (Third-wheeler alert) Such an awkward, krik krik, talking to the wall experience. Hmm I ordered cheesecake and lemon tea. Just ate, don’t focus on them. Just let them be. Eat slowly. Don’t make any eye contact with one of em. #mythoughts 
krik krik

Kenduri’s day.
Muz woke me up at the early morning. Muz planned to bring me to visit her friend’s grave. (Don’t remember his name). We’d read Yassin for him. Next we went to visit her grandma’s grave. We’d read Yassing 3 times that morning #riak #takabur Then we went to Mak Yam’s house to prepare goodies bag. Muz’s uncle was there and his wife was helping us too. It was pulut kuning as that day is Kenduri Khatam Al-Quran. (Mine was not this grand). We finished packing at afternoon. The kenduri was held at Felda. Caca was too exhausted that she felt asleep on me. (Feeling cam mak mak pulak) so I dodoi her so she felt comfortable sleeping. (bakal menantu mak awak yang penyayang). 

As we arrived. I’m helping Muz brought all those things to kitchen and damn.. So many people wearing niqab here (rasa down pulak). After settling things, I sit at the living room waiting for the majlis to start. Wrong place that I chose to sit because mak cik next to me is leading bacaan surah semua tu. Penat semalam tak settle lagi and this majlis sound like lullaby to me. I started to tersengguk sengguk and Muz had a lot of picture of me tengah stone. I swore I’m so high that I might sleep on that makcik’s shoulder but of course I didn’t do that or she will libas me with tasbih or made me read all the surah. Muz’s parent are not with us because they’d another event to attend. We arrived home at late evening.
tolong mak cik saia ngantuk

I woke up at 10am. We decided to jenjalan at nearest area and bought movie ticket for Muz’s brother. Next we went to a café near Muz’s house and I ordered coffee’s shake. It was delicious. Thumbs up. Finally I got my Spotify Premium. Bye-bye to those annoying ads. Later that night, we’re getting ready after Maghrib because Muz’s uncle want to brought us to Kilang Bateri. Mak Yam joined us too. As we arrived, we got the parking for disable people as Mak Yam don’t have the enough strength to walk on her foot for a long time so we brought her wheelchair. ‘Kalau nak datang sini lagi kena la bawak mak yam.. senang dapat parking’. Hahah bertuah punya anak. Kilang bateri was a kilang that stop operating then they modified the kilang . (rip English). There’re café and shop. When you stepped inside the factory.. You still can see the ppe’s line on the floor. Such a cool concept.. So where’s my coverall? Ahha just kidding. At first I want to try their chicken chop but the waiting line was so long until it reached Ipoh hm (just kidding). Then I went to steak stall... but the worker said they’re having prayer time. Lulz great marketing strategy. Great. Then, Muz and I decided to buy Nan cheese. The bread was so thick and the cheese was so delicious. Muz and I shared the same plate. If we bought two earlier.. takkan habis punya. After finished eating, we decided to take a tour inside the factory and took some pictures together with Mak Yam and Muz’s aunty.

Next, Muz’s uncle brough us visiting Johor Bahru.. And I was so jakun to see Singapore at the other side. There’re colorful lights and beautiful decorations. Then I saw this one places that I used to go during I was in primary school for an event. Kompang selawat uolls. Haram tak menang pun hahaha. My shoes tertanggal during the performance... ko rasa? Haih those sweet memories J  Then we stopped at one of the crown attraction and took pictures. I look so fat tho. Thanks to Muz for feeding me so well. We sent Mak Yam to her house at 11pm-ish, Suddenly Muz and I remembered banshee at the back of Mak Yam’s house. Damn hahah Muz tried to do things quickly so we can blah cepat skit. Before that .. I said goodbye to mak angkat Muz as I won’t see her again after this as I have to go to Kuala Lumpur.

Basically we just rest throughout that day because our bus is at 11.30pm to Kuala Lumpur.

So that’s all for Deno Take Over Johor(Kota Tinggi)  2017. It was a great experience. Getting to know my roommate more, meeting her relatives and friends. I should do this again with another friend. InsyaAllah.

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