Last Paper

Hai guys!
just finished my 'own' holidays at my house at Perlis since its been 3 months I don't see my family. Its not that I miss them, but I'm trying to avoid from being cursed into rock like Tanggang. Just kidding yup I miss my mom actually. It's hard to admit but yeah.. I. do. miss. my. 'garang'. mom. But I'm here at university after 4 beautiful days as I got my beauty sleep already. Unfortunately tonight it's raining heavily and my study mood finally flew away and I just want to sleep right now. Talking about my own weakness right now. Cold weather. So my roomate and most of my friends are not here yet since they arrived tomorrow but hey adilla and my boyfriend are here. Gonna grab a quick lunch with Pael before he going back to Selangor. He's already done with his paper but he have some task to do here so he's staying until Monday which is tomorrow :(  I think I have some serious issues with my partner. I'm freaking addicted with him ugh. God knows how many times I tried to ignore him but I can't. I just want to hug that guy and tell him to stay with me. But... you know la kan.. man. They've works to do because most of them don't ask their parent for money just like that. So I'm gonna let him be.

How's your finals going? ha ha ha ha it is completely DISASTER. I'm okay with introduction to marine engineering and fluid mechanics but a big NO to technical mathematics and thermodynamics and electro (coming soon this Thursday). I'm scared to death by thinking about repeating the subject. RM1K for one subject. Hell no. My parent will kill and bury me at the front of our house. I keep nagging at Pael for a whole day about my insecurities towards all the subjects. 'you already did your best kan, dah lepas so keep moving forward and put more efforts in your study'. He's a great motivator so I tried to not thinking about it too much. So I slept and when I woke up.. I remembered about my careless mistakes in the paper. fck it. fck my brain. So there are 3 days gap for marine electro so I'm gonna try my hardest to score this paper. Sayonara dean's list. We'll meet again in third semester I promise :')

It's already 12am. Gonna wash my face and sleep early because my great friends will keep reminding me about mak cik karipap during this hours. Till we meet again.

Sneak peak: I'll go to Johor Bahru  (Muz's house) after finished elector's paper and then to selangor for camp. What camp? shhh will update in next post ;)