Last Paper

Hai guys!
just finished my 'own' holidays at my house at Perlis since its been 3 months I don't see my family. Its not that I miss them, but I'm trying to avoid from being cursed into rock like Tanggang. Just kidding yup I miss my mom actually. It's hard to admit but yeah.. I. do. miss. my. 'garang'. mom. But I'm here at university after 4 beautiful days as I got my beauty sleep already. Unfortunately tonight it's raining heavily and my study mood finally flew away and I just want to sleep right now. Talking about my own weakness right now. Cold weather. So my roomate and most of my friends are not here yet since they arrived tomorrow but hey adilla and my boyfriend are here. Gonna grab a quick lunch with Pael before he going back to Selangor. He's already done with his paper but he have some task to do here so he's staying until Monday which is tomorrow :(  I think I have some serious issues with my partner. I'm freaking addicted with him ugh. God knows how many times I tried to ignore him but I can't. I just want to hug that guy and tell him to stay with me. But... you know la kan.. man. They've works to do because most of them don't ask their parent for money just like that. So I'm gonna let him be.

How's your finals going? ha ha ha ha it is completely DISASTER. I'm okay with introduction to marine engineering and fluid mechanics but a big NO to technical mathematics and thermodynamics and electro (coming soon this Thursday). I'm scared to death by thinking about repeating the subject. RM1K for one subject. Hell no. My parent will kill and bury me at the front of our house. I keep nagging at Pael for a whole day about my insecurities towards all the subjects. 'you already did your best kan, dah lepas so keep moving forward and put more efforts in your study'. He's a great motivator so I tried to not thinking about it too much. So I slept and when I woke up.. I remembered about my careless mistakes in the paper. fck it. fck my brain. So there are 3 days gap for marine electro so I'm gonna try my hardest to score this paper. Sayonara dean's list. We'll meet again in third semester I promise :')

It's already 12am. Gonna wash my face and sleep early because my great friends will keep reminding me about mak cik karipap during this hours. Till we meet again.

Sneak peak: I'll go to Johor Bahru  (Muz's house) after finished elector's paper and then to selangor for camp. What camp? shhh will update in next post ;)



It's already 2017. I haven't blog since a month ago and I feel really bad about myself. I wasted so much golden time in 2016 and I'm gonna make sure it won't happen again this year. So new year, new me! hehe janji! I'll try to update more after my finals finish because my paper start this Friday and I'm freaking out because I'm not well prepared yet (still in progress). But anyways it's 6.40 pm right now and I've enough time to update this blog.

So let me throwback what happened on 1st January 2017.

It's been 3 days I slept alone in my room as my 'favourite' roomate went back to Johor because she is overly-excited about her little sister going to primary school (goodluck kid, school is so fun) . Iem accompanied me to eat early dinner at nearest restaurant and after that we hangout at Slipway watching the high tides coming. We talked about current issues and studies as suddenly I thought about this one stupid question.

'Iem, bila ayaq surut, mana pergi air banyak2 sebab sini dah laut.. goes to sungai or what?

'Deno, shut the f up jom balik dah nak pukul 7'

hahah I still can't figure out the answer. Muza and Ain said its all about pressure but I don't know heheh. Later that night, Iem called me saying that Bad invited me to join their dinner and I said YES! There's no way I'm gonna spend my first day of 2017 alone in this room. They said they want to pick me on 8.50pm but they took so long to dressed up. Kalah perempuan! The mosquitoes were enjoying their meal as my foot started to turn red. So we went to Lumut and wow, there're 2 road blocks that night. Lucky all of us have angelic faces so the police won't suspect anything. We arrived at this one restaurant and Bad parked at the other side of the road. Yup I felt like I want to cling at Iem's body because I'm so scared thinking about accident that might happen,but alhamdulillah I still alive. I was so full that time so I just ordered coconut shake. There're Bad, Rasyid, Burn and Iem. All of them were making fun of my English's slang because it sounded like Coco according to them (It happened itself and I don't try too hard when speaking) So I just let them win in this argument. The coconut shake taste so good that I can ask Ain and Muz to try it too. After that, Iem asked Bad to go to McD to get chocotoc (that ice-cream cone) and there's another road block on the way to McD fuhh so annoying. Burn treated all of us that night hahah ice-cream for free on 1st January 2017 is so cool.

My boyfriend decides to go back to Selangor on 4th January so all I can do that time was making cute face hoping he would understand 'don't leave me' sign but he didn't. #coolboyfriend but hey he decided to spend his quality time with me before he went back so we overnight riding ain's car. (she's with his boyfriend). Muz already here in Mimet so she gotta spend her time alone that night. (revenge time) . We went watching movies that night and it's called 'passengers'. We went out from the cinema with annoyed face because the movie don't end properly huwarghhh but the main actor is so cute tho hiks. Then we talked about everything as he started to copied my voice. That soprano voices when I'm annoyed to certain things such as his worst pick-up lines and jokes. He even used my head to stand his phone so he can watch Doraemon peacefully. My boyfriend loves to watch cartoons okay, I get a lot of complaints from my classmates saying that Plae always watched doraemon in his room.. his phone's cover also doraemon weh haha adoiii.. That's the man I want to marry guys. No doubt. While in the whatsapp's group, Iem keep sending voice notes and every one was following his leads. All of my classmates were high I think that night. So Pael and me went back to uni at 6.45am and he went back to Selangor at 3pm. He still tak balik until today, he'll be available this wednesday I think.

So most of our classes had end already for this sem, the closure for mandarin was Mr Loi taught us to do origami and we had so much fun time moment. He invited us to his house this Chinese New Year and already promise us to give ang pau. wohooo. We took pictures with lecturer for our memory.

En. Kashfi (workshop technology 1)

Mr.Loi (Mandarin 1& 2)

Mdm. Hazwani ( Tech. Math 2)

this one happy boy with his origami.

On 6th January 2017, we held our bonding day. sem 2 dme bonding day. Muz brought her Gopro the live action camera and we took so many beautiful pictures. We used pot-luck themed as each one of us must bring food for all. Muz, Izhar, Iem, Iman and I bought nuggets while Mus'Ab and Sam brought pizza. Khalish with his several type of drinking water (sky juice is a must) Razan with his mayonnaise and junk foods. Mu took the chef role and started to cook. The wind was so strong that we had to cover the fire so the nuggets will cook properly. After everything were done, we took pictures of us together that started to fill up our tummy. After that, the boys changed their outfits and went into the sea. Too much sexiness guys. Sam with his singlets and Rasyid with his sexy short. My eyes were on fire guys but then I remembered I do have a boyfriend so I'm gonna past to Muz. They all do the things that they good in it.. what things? making jokes hahah. They dragged Iem into the sea as he said he don't want to get wet .. unfortunately he forgot about his phone in his pocket, as the result.. he have to repair his phone. rip iem's samsung. Our bonding day went smoothly except the monkey incidents. THEY STOLE OUR FOOD!! and tupperware. like seriously. what you gonna do with that tupperware. You're a monkey lol.So here's the pectures:

later that night, Ain invited us to grab some domines at Sitiawan, she said nak belanja. Muz and I said yes. So Mirul's friend joined us that night and he was so shy with muz that he didn't talked too much. hahah so cute. On the way home he bought cadburry for us. So generous. I feel so blessed because I don't always lepak with Ain too much recently as each one of us have our own responsibilites as student but it was a great day.

2017 goes well until today. Muz went to her aunt's house today so I'm alone .. again. But nevermind I can use this time to study as my finals started this Friday. So goodluck to everyone. Study smart and make your parent proud. oh by the way, MUET's result already revealed.. I GOT BAND 4. I was expecting 2/3 as my writing was so poor. It turn out 199/300. My writing got the least mark but the others were okay. Congratulations to everyone !!

So here's my 2017's new resolutions.
  • Read al-Quran more frequently and don't miss Solat
  • Be Happy and Put myself first.
  • Keep updating blog and journal.
  • Be prepared on everything and no more tangguh important things.
  • Socialise more and spend less time on phone.
  • Discipline myself on menabung.
  • Keep 'pink' feed on Instagram
  • More active. 
  • Keeping good relationship with everyone
  • driving a car. (ada lesen tapi parent tak kasi bawak huhuhu) 
  • Pandai masak (my bf terer masak lagi dari aku .. damn)

Have a nice day ahead and till we meet again.