Quick Update

wow it's been a long time since I update this blog haha sorry guys I'm busy handling life (cewah). Past 2 weeks were hectic with assignments and tests.. feel like dying even though it is semester 2 huwarghh every subject is stepping up their game and it is my responsibilities to understand all of it and repeating the subject on next semester is not an option. So, I'm on semester break right now and it will end tomorrow. haih time flies so fast T_T dah la on Monday I've workshop and Tech Math's class huhu. I'll use my free time in future to update more because right now I've a lot of work to settle so here's what happens for past weeks. 

1. Finally I got the IPhone
Remember the wishlist that I did? IPhone is one of it haha. My samsung s3's screen cracked very badly that the screen shut down and I can't do anything except sending it to the repair shop but repairing may cost me a lot so better buy a new phone as this samsung started to lag. My mum asked me about the new phone and without tripin' any words with full boost confidence I said IPhone. Most of my friends around me using that model and here I am with the android on ma face. At first I want to buy that SE one but the price tho.. so I pick 5S. I'm not a fan of model 6 or 7S because of the screen is too big like samsung. I prefer the smaller phone. So yeah. hidup iphone haha

2. Friday/ Sunday is Pael's day
My man started to be clingy right now and I've new nickname, demok and nyot. Fine, I don't ask to have this type of body and I'm working out right now to get rid of this unwanted fat blerghh. We used to lepak at Marina or just hanging out in the car.. talking about how's our day going and so on. We don't meet every day even though we're in the same uni haha call pun jarang.. depend on how busy we are that day. I like how both of us trying to understand each other so none of us started merajuk whatsover. As a great girlfriend, I don't remember when we first me and so on .. maybe I'll start to care about our date right now hm

3. Hiking
I don't know what happened to me so my roomate started to invite me to join the club's activity. First, I went to Broga's hills (will update on this) with SRM's club and then Gunung Baling with RECOM's club. The bright side is I managed to reach the top eventhough I'm half dead half alive. My fitness level is so embarrassing compared to the others participants that Akim and Zharif had to carry my bag so I can continue the journey. (forever rasa bersalah on this one) But at Gunung Baling I managed to reach at the top with my bag at the back.. not on other's back :) 
so yeah i will update more about the hiking in the future hehe see ya later~