september already??

So it's already September. El's month. His birthday is on 17th Sept. Am not planning giving any gifts to him because my existence is already a gift for him :-) ahaha kkdak just kidding. He's being busy lately with work and so on and here am I .. questioning myself every ten minutes about what should I do to fill this day. He's too busy and I'm too free. That's the problem and luckily he know how to solve it and that's nice and I'm impressed with him. heheh so.. what did I do? I'm finishing all of my sketches and decorating my new journal and hey it look bombastic okay! [ praising myself because I love myself hah! ] Oh and I created years in pixels, I saw that on pinterest and decided to give it a try. ya years in pixels... but I started on September which is 3 months away from 2017... so can I call it 4 months in pixels? ok that's not funny at all. getting so much hambar these days.

I'd this game app name townsips and too bad guys.. I'm super addicted to it. I already at level 28. 2 level in a months was a disaster. 15k points in just 3 days. I need to stop this obsession before it will getting worse. Apart from that, I want to say goodluck to my fellow friends who's pursuing their degree in their favourite course. Goodluck Saiyidah at UPSI and Aina at UMK, do well in your studies and make everyone proud because you're good at it since the first day I knew you. So I'll enter semester 2's life this 24th September and I hope it will be good in every aspects. My results for short semester was great than I expected. k nah I target 4.0 but pengajian Malaysia I got A-. It ruined everything but it's okay, still worth my effort.

I will start my diet plan next semester. That's my promises. It's been day 18 for my workout plan. My leg were getting smaller than before but my stomach still maintain. So I texted iem and all he could said was.. 'ko kena diet sayang'. hahah my weak ass heart can't hold my appetite and iced milo. help!! But I put 100% trust to muz and she'll stop me from put my hand on these thing that can make my tummy bloated. How can I wear kebaya if my tummy look like a 5 months pregnant woman. hell nah. gonna write down my new goals in my journal later. ..

till the next post hehe see ya