Hello y'all

Finally I got the chance and mood that I needed to update my blog and here I am. It was a hectic short semester and I'm at home now which is great... so great that I don't have to spend my money on food or everything as I've my parent here. So.. it happened again.. your favorite girl was doing the same mistake like she did couple of months ago. Falling in love with two guys. After being pushed by ain, Muz and dila. Yep, I called it off with saiful. Did I feel sad? a little bit but Ain said that I don't look like someone who just got break with her partner because I'm doing extra fine. So I decided to keep going with el. ha tudia playgirl baq hang hahaha okay let me tell you short briefing about him. He's in the same batch with me, January 2016 intake and he take dip in ship construction. He's 22. Older than the rest but it's okay. Age doesn't matter. cewah kahkahkah boleh pi sajaa. The first time when I saw him was at open day when my classmate and I just finished playing word war where we had to throw water balloon to the opponent's team. He came and chilled with us and we took a picture together. (gambar ramai2) . He's like shadow, not showing his face too much which is great that I don't have to worry about another btch try to steal him from me. Its all started at 4am. I was awake when I noticed my phone buzzin. I got a dm from him so I was bored and just layan him anyway. He told me that he was bored as his roommate, Imer was on the phone with his gf so okay I got it. Then we become so much closer and his pick up lines are on point and his english is superb! wow that such a  turn on. My poor little heart are so weak ass. huh

So that's all I can tell about him hiks. Throughout this short semester, we did so much random things like playing badminton until 6am (3-6 we started to sit and gossipping), jogging at 7am with din and helmien (whutttttt), playing basketball with cikman (aku baling satu pun tknak masuk jaring), the prank call which I was the victim eghh, went to ipoh, boat trip (rm5 meh) and so on. It was quite fun. Oh and about the prank, luckily I'm not the one who answered the phone call. I went to the toilet at that time, Ain told me that the office called and told about my MARA submission. I went to check but it seems fine, nothing's wrong as I already follow the procedure and then Ain added. 'by the way before he ended the called, he said terima kasih dynowanted' and I was like.. fufufuk how the fk they'd knew my username? then I tweeted about it and ciciko liked my tweets. I knew who the prankster, It was him fgs. I'm gonna scream his name from the top of my lung ugh as its been forever since the last time I keep in touch with him. rindu aku lettew hiks. okay his gf gonna find me and slit my throat. k forget about it. oh and arep treat me milo ais last week which is great and funny at the same time. Befire he went out from the care. I asked him, 'hey ikhlas ka dak belanja milo ais ni' and he answered, 'the question is too universal, I don't have specific answer, please don't ask again' hahaha bongok la dengan blur2 alam dia. Thanks arep muah ciqed.

hahh I wish I can update more about what happened to me in life but I got things to do :(

see you in the next post :)

p/s: I already planned new art project. watch out.