Barli Ice Moment


8th July 2016

It was 12pm ish when Aiman (my primary school's mate) texted me asking me to hang out with them (Fyka and Tihah ). Throughout the raya season I was staying at home washing the dishes (still not complaining on twitter ) and house chores. So I said yes! I asked my mom and I was scared to death whether she said no but nah.. she said yes so  I wore baju kurung and black shawl. Fyka invited us to go beraya at her friend's house at Kodiang area. Aiman was the driver so yep, we followed the waze app. It turned out it shows the wrong directions. After 1 hour in the car, Aiman decided to stop the car. Situ tanah lapang ada some kedai kecil2 gitu. So all of us got out from the car and playing tourist -_- Aiman took out his gopro while Tihah got her hand on her Canon and Fika with her Iphone. Me? I took Aiman's iphone and act like it was mine. His phone's gallery are full with my selfies heh. So we did some mini photoshoot and these muka tebal don't care whether there were people watching or not.

After that, we decided to tried once again to find Amni (Fyka's friend) 's house. yep, we lost. 3 freaking hours in the car. All of us were hungry and tired. 6.30pm + baru jumpa her house. Tu pun dia datang tolong guide us.  It was a new experience for us. Sesat at Kodiang area for 3 hours haha lol. Amni's grandparents greeted us. We ate kuih raya and bihun sup. Muka masing-masing kontrol ja makan padahal dah kebulur nak mampus. We decided to undur diri at 7.15pm; But before that, of course it was photoshoot session. Habis hipstur dah hakak. While on the way home, Aiman saw this one great scenery .. so he stopped the car and gave us the chance to have another photoshoot session hahahaha ( life hacks: find a friend who sanggup stopped the car just for you to tangkap gambar) We tried to make this session short as possible because it was almost maghrib. I got home at 7.35pm and phew my mom don't said anything.

Then I realized that my phone's battery was low so I went to my room to charge it and dangg.. I dropped my phone and the screen decided to shut down. It was heartbreaking, remembering those bomb selfies that I tak sempat save huwaaaa Of course my parent gave free lectures to me that night, lucky this tablet that Ain gave me is still usable. My mom decided to give me her old s3 which is my adik's now. So yep :') I lost all the contacts. ha ha ha padan muke. 

10th July 2016
Dah kena balik uni. Our journey began at 7am. Traffic were a bit slow. We arrived at 2pm+. Bye2 guys :( My mom gave a lot of kuih raya aand I don't know whether I can finished it or nah. hm  I felt like there's only me in the armada, it was creepy for sure. So, I just organized my room as Muz tak sampai lagi. She will arrive this Subuh I guess. I got this one bad habit, I always misplaced things.. my glasses, keys, phone and everything. .. so I lost my padlocks :') I'd searched everywhere and I didn't found it haih. ntah nanti suami pun boleh hilang blergh.

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so my healthy lifestyle began today. I did some hardcore exercise and already semput now. shame on you deno. Later that night, Iem invited me to eat with sam and him. When they saw me, the first things that spilled from their mouth were, 'wey awat nampak berisi'. fakof la gais t.t. Those cheeks is the main focus. aaaa my poor soul can't handle this madness. Iem gave me a lot of healthy tips for me today. Thank you iem!! He's fasting today so we waited for azan. I ordered fried kotiau (amboih english hahahah) and milo ais + ais kosong (still wondering how my stomach got this big).  When my order arrived, I took a sip of milo ais and somehow he accidentally drank his barli ice. I felt so guilty but funny at the same time. bongok la iem.

It was quite fun to hang out with them because before this I'm suspecting them doing this dirt work I mean.. doing some kedekut ilmu behaviour but nah, it just the satan in me. sorry mates.

btw this evening, arep texted me omg aa. I lost his number and I'm not doing anything to get his number back but somehow he texted me first wishing me selamat hari raya aand sampai la melalut ke cinderella. I'm hoping that he was boring and no hard feelings.  Amin .

It's almost 11pm now and I'm here alone in my room. weh mana yana,. Better dia sampai cepat or I'll slept at the center of armada :')