Happy Birthday!!

Hey y'all

Ok my birthday is 2 days ago and yep I felt bad because I don't post any post on that day. So let me tell what happened on 11th June 2016. I hide my birthday on my facebook so I don't expect people to wish my birthday on that day. But heyy there's someone wish me at 12am and that person is Anis Farhana! you're my mate forever bro *bro fist*. So here's the people who wished me. hehe thank you guys, it means A LOT for me.

ok y'all can call me denoriana from now on



oK first of all I didn't expect kak oya to wish but hey it happened, thank you *teary eyes* so right. I'm now 19. Can you believe that? I feel like I was 14 yesterday and now.. one more year to reach 2 series age -_- [ tbh I don't like it, being adult is so hard, I'm not ready yet pls ] But we've to move forward aite in life. 

My 19 years old life will be full of mistakes and I like it that way. From now on I should 100% focus on developing myself and stop chasing people. If they want to leave, just let them go. Its their choice. Respect that. I'm so grateful to be surround with great friends and people who appreciate me. A year ago I would die for people but now, most of them are dead to me. I know my worth and ffs I don't live to please people. Nope. Don't do that. You'll ended up losing yourself. 

Being 19 to me is to learn to be more responsible towards myself and people surround me and respect people more. Now, I'm good at not caring what others doing as long as it didn't affect my performance in study. Other than that I'm good. 

My mom bought a large cheesecake for me and that's heaven. The taste of the cheese. fuhh. sorry if you read this during daytime heh. Overall I'm happy. Happy being me. Happy for what had happened in my life. Happy with everything. But no so happy when I'm thinking about my result and going back to Mimet for short sem. But hey, Mukhriz is already there until 1 july. [ at least I've a good friend there ] I'm looking forward to see him this 18th June. See you there mukh.

Anyways, thank you y'all for wishing my birthday. May God bless all of you guys. Till we meet again. Byee.