Go with the flow

It's been a MONTH I didn't update my blog!! okk I feel really guilty on this. All I can say is.. it's been hectic days for me. I just finished Mandarin's test just now, but before that Mr Loi said that the test will be held at BK19.. the only problem that we had was.. where tf is BK19... aand it turns out BK19 is in the workshop. Memang rare pun jawab test dalam bengkel heh. I don't know what I'd written, guna konsep redho je la weh.

So guys.. actually.. my life dah change 360 degree tho.
Ok, firstly.. I gave that guy a nickname that's 'kokoci'. Yep, our friendship bloomed after I made a 'stupid joke' about I'm gonna leave him for kokoci.. yep.. he told kokoci about that. So Kokoci and I are whatsapping each other.. mcm member2 je la until he asked me about Rhino. Before that, he told about his 'dream' wife and so on and he asked me.. 'kalau aku bagi kau peluang try jadi calon bini aku nak?' and I was like whoaah whattt? so as you know I am a 'TROUBLEMAKER' and.. I accepted it. bodohnya seorang deno ni rupanya. So, he treat me like his gf 'everyday'. Dah namanya kekasih gelap, mesti la dia layan aku lagi okay dari kekasih cerah. Of course I feel really guilty towards Rhino because I knew, flirting while you already have a partner is a disrespectful action towards him.. so I told him if he want to leave.. just leave... because I don't whether he's just kebetulan or he really like me.. then he said 'let me story kat you, nanti you decide whether I betul2 suka or kebetulan je'..

He confessed at me. He said he got his eyes on me during orientation week, (he's one of the fasi).[ Fun fact: I noticed someone was observing me, tapi buat rilek je] And aku pun double triple woah lagi laa.. aku yang lengai ni pun ada orang crush kaa nokrom haha I asked him, what did you see in me? I think I just a girl who don't want to talk to any human during WOW. He answered. Idk bu you have that daya tarikan that attract me. So terjadila cinta tiga segi saye. Oh last Thursday, I just finished with ES's class and Muz poked me.. I saw him in front of technician's room. Entah kat dia buatpe.. later that night he said.. earlier than that he already noticed me so he act like he didn't see me coming.. after I walked passed him, he followed me. That day, he got his chance to see my face. oh wow tahniah -_- [Fun fact: we don't meet each other] . After that.. I just re-think about his action before the confession happened ,firstly, he asked me to call him prince and I'm ok with that by thinking dia ni tak cukup kasih sayang maybe, second, he told me that he'll only pujuk his wife.. but everytime I was offended by him, he'll pujuk me in the best way. [By spamming my own name in my whatsapp's msg].

He's 20, same as Rhino but he's in the special case where he doesn't need to wait for his SPM's result to enter uni so he's already in sem 5. Tahun ni dah boleh graduate. The other things that contribute to my stress is.. both of them want to propose me after I finished my Diploma. huwarghh memang hatiku hatimu lah jawabnya aku..Marilah berhuhu bersama saye guys. Part lagi huhu tu, kokoci already told zikrizik about his feelings towards me and yep. ku lihatnya di seberang sana, di seberang sini pun hmmmm

yee it is my fault, pegi melayan dua2 tu kenapa.. hm so I just pray to the Lord , redho je la which one is my future husband. As long as he knows how to appreciate me and not talking about marrying another girl or otherwise I'll cut him into 20 pieces :)

So what you'll do right now?

I just layan sapa yang ada effort nak kat aku, nak layan ok, taknak layan sudah. Fullstop gitu. My only mission right now is to get good pointer in my studies and get a good job with reasonable salary so I can buy things without depending on my parent or husband :) Marriage? The one who get my parent's approval.

siapa ingat that one time deno meroyan takde bf? k I remembered. All I wish right now is.. I want to be single again huwaaaa t.t No one really care about what I did, who I talked to and so on.. but this is what God have plan to me and I can't say NO. So I just go with the flow without asking further questions :)

p/s: Mukhriz said,'aku bukan apa, aku tgk profile Instagram hang banyak kali tapi masih tk jumpa lawa tang mana hang nih' harommm hahaha