End of Semester 1

Did you hear that? yep that's is the sound of victory. I finished my last paper yesterday and it feels so good that we just poured our heart out to answer the question. Our hard work were paid off. Everyone left already.. they went back to their home and heyyy, there's me .. still waiting for Ain to finish her last paper tomorrow before I get back home. I miss my bed already. I miss Perlis (can't believe I said this because before I came here, I was so over the moon to left Perlis lel) . 80% done arranged my things. We've to clear out things aka kena kosongkan bilik.. next sem bilik baru.. just two of us. Muz and I. (poor Muz, she have to deal with my childish attitude for another 6 months).

So I was at library from 11am to 6pm, accompany Ain to study marine electro and somehow maba and another guy(twins) join us too. For the first time I saw his real him hahaha. That guy just walk in the library with no shoes on! selamba badak dia ja pegi kaunter minta print soalan dengan tak pakai kasut haihh. As you know I have this one problem which is .. scared. I mean this is serious type of scared to approach someone, maba gave me money to buy past year question.. memang tak ah, boleh mati terkejut aku nak cakap kt org kaunter tu, so I just passed it to ain. He asked me to follow ain to learn how to ask past year question lol please I knew all of that but Idl, I just scared to approach people.

Oh I met alang too at the library, macam besa muka gatal dia tu. then.. (*thinking what happened today*) I think.. that's all. It's a boring day today, I don't know what to do. I don't have any idea to draw or anything else. I just can't wait to get back home and mereput for 2 weeks before short sem begin. Speaking about short sem, my hubby si bad already divorced me so I'm with Khalish now and our mission is to overtake Muz and Pojan popularity, I'll update about this soon hahaha please vote for us. (actually nak hilangkan rasa bosan sebab tu mcm tak betul dah sekarang.. poor us) Haih so sleepy right now, till we meet again. bye bye ;)