craving for Ice-cream right now
Today's Teachers Day so Happy Teachers Day to my parent. Thank you for teaching me things that I need in life. Sorry mak abah, I don't want to be a teacher, as I grew up seeing what my parent do everyday and I feel that I'm not good enough to teach someone so I choose engineer instead. I used to write in my bio my ambition was a teacher and an architect lol. If I took architecture course right now, I already ripped off my head I think. [ Fun fact: I'm a hot-tempered person ]. Seeing my parent sleep late at night just to check their student's book and so on.. they deserve this kind of appreciation. Back in 2012 where my mum graduated from OUM, she taught me, never stop learning. Learn as long as you can. Don't be lazy a$$ mofo. My father already got his master. He taught me just do whatever you love. He keep doing his hobby eventhough his work as a teacher seems fag. Anyways, my parent is the best. Hands up. [ Proud daughter alert ]

I feel better right now. I just asked quick question to my friend last night, whether I should go for the one who love me so much or go for the guy that I like. "Go for the one who love you so much".  So yep, still going with the flow and hey it ain't bad. Yesterday was fun with my friends, having chit chat at kafe and spent time with Ain, Dila and Muz. Not forgetting helping Ain do a video for her competency English and there were so much bloopers. While Muz editting her video last night, I wrote new mission in my life right now [ the last one still legit, just addition ]. It is forget the past and accept the mistakes that I did. Too much perfection is not okay. There are a lot more for me to learn in my life. So just be happy with my friends, study and get that diploma together.

It's Hazwan's birthday yesterday. Oh God how much I miss that little rascal. Ada ja nak membahan aku. So I drew for him. It was a great feelings you know, it's been a long time I didn't draw. Busy... busy main fon hergh. So yep gonna restart my hobby back as doing that thing makes me forget about my problem and all I need to think is what colour do I need to use and the stress that I've to handle when the colours spoil everything.. oh and last night is the last match for this season. Thank you Tomas Rosicky for this amazing 10 years.. I can't stop my teary eyes when seeing Arteta's crying. They did so much thing in Arsenal and we (Gunners) are so thankful for that. We finished at 2nd place this season. It happened again hehe. See you again. And team Mercedes were crashing. Nico and Lewis :( Btw congrats to the winner.( Spanish GP. )

Right now I'm excited as my birthday is the same with EURO. Match France pulak tu woo woo. Lagi excited when my fav mate all the time remember my birthday! *tabur bunga* haih mood finals: ON. Gonna work smart to get that 4.0. Hopefully. All I want is too make my parent proud and I want them to know that I can do this engineering thingy. Too make sure every ringgit that spent on me are worth. So I won't let any ridiculous thing affect me. Gonna work my a$$ off to get that Ir. title. Tuddiaqqq tak salah berangan kahkah. Gonna turn into a gangster right now yeah. No one can put me down. Maybe I just too over-reacting these past days. [ Fun fact: I'm embarrassed ]. Oh oh I already watched that Angry Birds movie and that was so cute.. the baby birds, chuck, red, terrence and so on. I still hate that piggy since the first day I downloaded angry bird's app. A lot of funny scene, can't hold my ugly laugh when they sang to the legend as chuck's making opera voice. ops terspoiler pulak eheh sorry. Almost 10am right now and I didn't shower yet. So.. buhbye! xoxo muah ciked.