Okay, it's so awkward. Okay lets go straight to the point.
Happy Birthday to you. Have a great day today and celebrate it with your love ones . (I knew I'm in your hate list). Goodluck for your finals and intra. I heard that your final year project got into final, congrats :) I knew you can make it.

Here's my wish for you.

I pray that
-You are always in good health and be happy with your decision that you chose.
-Meet someone that can make you feels better and giving you strength after your family, so sad that I couldn't make it.
-Reaching the goals that you already planned, I knew you're not in 'giving-up' type.
-You'll get hit by a truck, by that I mean you turn into a handsome guy (if that  happens, all I ask is, just don't show up in front of me or I'll ended up jumping off building because I knew I can't get you) 
-Someone will give you a lot of gundam figure.. (after I nailed my phD in the future I probably spam your house with that toy until your wife and you get annoyed with me.)

I'm sorry for my bad attitude towards you in the past. Sorry for over-reacting post in this blog (please don't read it) (But if you read it, just so you know I'm honest while typing that stuff hm) I hope you like the gift that I did for you, I hope ciciko don't spoil it ugh. (I said this because this is schedule's post, I typed this on 16th May, I don't have any idea what will happen on 27th May) It's raining right now. Cold like our heart... or just mine lol.

I don't know what to say anymore, and now I'm regret for not asking about you more before all this things happened.. heh, it shouldn't be like this. Maybe it should. Oh great, sad song shuffle in my playlist. um do you still read it? or you already hit that close tab button. I know you're a straight person and I can't do anything. Ciciko was right, I can't push someone's heart to like me. hm finally ciciko said something that relevant to me [ selalu asyik hoi hoi ja ]

If I continue to write this post, I probably typing things that I shouldn't say.
Happy Birthday Zulfan, may Allah bless you with great people, good health, great future and so on.
Thank you for being a great person to me even for a short period only, I'm still grateful for that.
Keep climbing to achieve your mission in life, I'm always support you from far and if you need any help.. just like I always said.. 'paper rogerr.' Ok that's all. Goodbye.

And it still raining.

-Ok Zikri messed up the plan.. nice so I just wasted my time for nothing ha ha
-I messed up too.. I saw u just now ughhhhhh why can't I moved on already?!
- already clear out things with zikri so yup.. we're good now :)