Super Duper Lazy

masih menunggu bunga ros i yg belum tentu ada org nak kasi duhh

It's already April! One more month till final exam. K *seen*. Lately, I'm super duper lazy, the more class cancel, the lazier deanna will be. Hypothesis accepted. I'm okay with the fact that our lecturer cancelled our class but semua dia gitau last minit. Dah bersiap pakai tudung pakai mekap bagai tetibe Iem send screenshot kelas cancel. Menyampah betul gais, terpaksa buat grand entrance masuk kafe dengan penuh bergaya .. padahal takdak kelas pun haritu. Sabar je la.. oh I already got my math and English's marks. okay je la markah tu at least my mum not turning into dinosaur's mom. This whole week, my activity was sleep. Niat nak study.. namun apakan daya.. niat bertukar menjadi naharam. Always. I keep questioning myself, 'y the fck u always sleep dyno? you're not that tired, you're not joining dragon boat or any club.. u don't deserve to be sleep' okay. So last night I set up my head straight, less sleep and keep doing activity. Haih just look at my stomach, it looks like I'm pregnant for 25 weeks. Oh I hope it's a boy -_- Iem even texted me, 'wei gemok, nak gi makan tak lepas maghrib,' that guy is being rude to me lately, siap ko. Okay so last night, I played badminton with yana, mien mien, iem, sam, iman and look my boyfriend joined too.

Poor that guy, I smashed his body, leg and so on. Sorry I'm not pro in this. We played beregu and I was in the same team with my boyfriend and there's this one moment where's Sam hit the shuttlecock and it hit rhino's forehead. I was laughing but at the same time I was concern about him, ye la mana tau amnesia pulak laki aku. But 85% I was laughing at him.. but God doesn't take too much time, the shuttlecock hit my forehead too. Fu Iem hahahaha. Most of the times when my rhino gave points to other teams, deep down in my heart I would like to throw my racket at his head but nevermind.. I love him (pergh sweet jugak aku ni kahkah) .  We played badminton until 12.30am. God bless 'mak guard' for not locked up the gate, otherwise Yana and me had to climb up and enter our room through unlocked windows hahah.  Oh while playing, I saw Ziks, you know. same old crush hahaha shh don't tell rhino. But Iem said it's not him so I continued playing macam orang gila sebab nak fight angin bagi shuttlecock tu smpai side sana. So ziks saw my craziness.. should I change uni rn? malu malu hahahaha so later that night I texted him and ended up I merajuk kat dia. So he pun pujuk la au menggunakan bahasa alien and suddenly I realize. Dah buang tebiat eh, hahaha betul la.. time dah ada boyfriend.. baru la crush hulu cerok mana datang jadi peramah, sebelum ni hilang cerok mana ntah. Then I remembered what Mukhriz said to me, a little bit rude but.. 'lancau hang jangan jadi player kesian boyfriend hang' hahahah vavi laki ni aku pulak dimakinya.

You know everytime I tried to love rhino like every couples did, it turns out I'll make him jealous and most of the time we wasted on pujuk'ing each other. Tak best la kan tapi what should I do? I never had a boyfriend before. kesiannya seorang dyno. Should I asked him to play badminton together to replace our date? I'm afraid it'll end up one of us died hhahaha suruh smashed shuttlecock, aku smashed orang. baek dyno baekk. oh he asked about syz, haih a little piece of me dead at that time. It's been a long time since I contacted him. Past is past gittew. I've a new life right now and I'm happy with it. New people, same 3 people and a fresh new restart. I miss Anis and saiyidah and so on (malas taip nama aina hahah) But I know everyone is busy with their life right now. I hope to get in touch with them soon :)  oh tetiba teringat mien mien punya order semalam.. 'nasi goreng papaya satu' peh rasa nak smack ja kerusi kat rambut angry bird dia tu, geram tengok rambut panjang2, even my boyfriend rambut panjang sikit pun aku gigih paksa suruh potong jugak. ha my boyfriend love me so he cut his hair hewhew. my H.A (hamba abdi) guys don't worry he won't mad. I love to make rhino's mad because after that he'll smile and laugh and that's the cutest thing I want to see everyday gittew. Ingat aku sesaja ka buat dia marah hahah. If his class started at 9am, I'll call him on 8am onwards and told him it's already 9am and he'll panic. Panic mu membuatku bahagia kahkahkah #stopdynosipembuli Everyone will give me advice to treat Rhino better but no, saye akan kacau awak sampai anak sepuluh pun saya still buli awak hahaha kkdak 

okay I should stop now, kemarin niat nak study esok listening test mandarin. hau hau la ngn iem esok t.t