ayy look how cute my classmate.
It's already 22nd March. wow it's a long time I didn't update my blog emm is it too late to say sorry? yeah lately I'm busy doing all the tutorials, tests and so on. There're so much things going on in my life that I don't have spesific time to update my blog but hey I'm on mid-sem break right now (a week only meh) ya I know semua org dah nak finals then there's me baru nak merasa mid-sem... huhu anyways.. for this past 3 months, I'm satisfied with my life. So here's sneak peak about the highlight of my life from february to today. Em let's see.. I've the best classmates, I'd done a crazy thing with ain (when I said crazy.. it means really crazy), movies with iem, mus up and muz, I wore 'that' marine uniform (finally) and I have a boyfriend...... (omg hahah me myself still can't get over with this fact hahah) .. oh addition: my phone crack #thatsoriginalscreemfml

wearing coverall to the workshop heyy

'macam doralin'-pityhati

in the lab hahah

paan, khalis, deno and iem

I'm so so happy with my life right now with great people around me who I knows they'll not betrayed me behind my back or else I'll go mona fendy towards them. (I'm dead serious) . Anyways, my classmate are the best *hands down*. We did a lot of crazy things together, do works together, remind each other about the important things and so on. haih it's been a long time that I forget how it feels to have a 'classmate'. Those deep cut wounds still healing and no way I could forget that but luckily I already move on and started a new life. For now I would say I'm closed to iem, mus up, sam, iman (even he hates me) bad, rashid (these two gems are so cute,you should meet them in real life), khalis and of course muz.. she's my roomate kud hahah. Besides being a friend, they actually our (muz and me) free-of-charge photographer hahah ya that's what a friend do kann.. don't disagree with me in this. But anyways I love all of you guys.. please don't leave me huhuhu.. the best day for us of course Tuesday.. Every Tuesday we must wear uniform and we all use that one concept.. pakai bersama, malu bersama hahah lucky la everyone looks good in that. hehe cheers!

muah ain
these 2 are so cute
hi muz
eh hi sam haha

Second, I'd done the most crazy thing with Ain.. more crazier than jumping over school's fence like we used to two years back. There's this one guy that Ain like and I bet he likes Ain too.. haih you guys should declare already la. So Muz already on her way home at Johor and yep there's me .. have to wait for Ain. That night after watching late night movie at cinemas with Adilla.. when I say late night it's already 1am++ We were watching Kung Fu Panda 3 and it was so cute.. the baby pandas!! I want to squeeze 'em aaarghhh. It was so cute that I text my boyfriend asking whether we can buy a panda in the future lol okk I continue.. after the movies, we went to Ain and Adila and me had our meal.. that's my first time I felt so awkward that I want to wear a box to cover my head.. ye la Ain with his scandal.. Adila with his bf.. while me... alone.... so .. I.. eat.. the.. noodles... with.. heavy-breathing... wishing.. muz.. was... there.. too. But my bad-luck night didn't end there, Ain took his scandal and me to Marina aand they talked.. and talked for hours.. from 1 to 6 freaking am. 6 in the morning guys.. I don't sleep for a day that day.. and for 5 hours I was sitting .. staring at the moon accompanying Ain. I know I'm such a good friend. If my mum knows about this, of course I'm in hospital already.

I think I already told you guys about my hot-tempered.. it happened again.. that day I was in rushed to finish ABR's tuto because he asked all of us to complete it by tomorrow.. while doing the tuto, my phone automatically turn off and it don't want to start normally.. I was so pissed of that I smashed my hand on the screen.. and it cracked. The boys said they never seen my 'hah seriously? it happened?' face before and they should take a picture of it earlier. guys, for this past 2 years+.. I dropped my phone more than 10 times and it never vrack.. I smashed it once with my freaking hand and it decided to cracked?! well played samsung.. pakiu *iem's voice* but it's okay, Alhamdulillah it don't affect the visual.. screen ja retak.. means tak la teruk sgt otherwise I've to buy a new phone hmph!


I know this is an interesting topic.. I've a boyfriend. I don't what I'd done but it happened. So my brother (brader angkat) told me about his friend who's interested to a be my friend and I said.. okay. So that guy add my wechat.. pergh dak2 wicet sekarunk hahahah after several days, I made the first move by 'hi' at him first... and from that day.. we chatted almost everyday until that one evening he invited me to play badminton with him so I said yes as I was alone in my room.. yep we played at the hall and Pau (my fasi during orientation week) keep telling our face are look-alike. Everytime he gonna played, he'll look at me asking.. 'ok?' and I was like yeah of course I'm okay.. we played until 7+ pm. Later that night he texted me asking if I want something to eat.. it turns out he treat muz and me with milo ais. Nikmat weh org belanja. Several days goes by .. and finally someone said he likes me. I waited for 18 years and this moment finally here! hahah okay let me describe him, he has a tough body but haih he's thin. (gila tak tough wakil main badminton hahah) If I'm hot-tempered, he more to cool, rilek and his patience's level are impressive as I am a very weird person.. not everyoene can handle my atittude but he show that he can. He said to me that once he already made a promise that he'll never fall in love again.. but then there's me. I don't which part of my face that he keep telling me that I'm cute.. even my mum said I'm ugly duck hahah cedih itew. He's a friendly guy. so friendly.... that syed.. yeah that syed my junior from high school already bff with him. sabar je la sis di sini 'best jugak sembang ngn laki hang' -syed herghhh. Oh he's 20. A year older than me hm. 3/3/2016. I don't remember the day he said he like me.. oh look how much deanna care about her relationship.. hm I should gave him a nickname in this blog.. if I'm deno.. so.. hah!! 'rhino' alah macam badak pulak hahahah lantak la cuz his name ada azri belakang so rhino. mihihi.

p/s: rhino gave me his instagram and ecitie pass.. hahah yey
(sorry for berterabur story line.. I've proposal that need to be finished hmm pardon me)

with abg seniurr heleh hahah

see u in the next post!!