Pangkor Island

So Ain and Adilla were staying at my room last night because their house were so messy that they don't have space to sleep that night, so yep my roomate was okay with that. I woke up at 8+ am (terlepas subuh lagi gais astaga). Ain and Adilla were planning to bring me to their house but then I saw Muz was getting ready. I asked her where she want to go and she said she want to go to Pangkor Island. I swear to God no one ever told me about that trip. So I asked her whether there's one spot left and luckily they sais yes. So I was getting ready as soon as I can (probaly the fastest in my life) I brought my pink water bottle and a bagpack full with cloth and so on.  17 people la kud were joining. So we got into zikri's car (9 of us) and that car was packed af macam sardin dah kitorang but we tried to look cool as we can.

We arrived at Terminal Jeti and they told us to have breakfirst first and they wil get back here again in one hour. While having our breakfast, ada la bergossip mak jemah sikit about what happened during wow that I can't tell here ;) hhaah.. After the boys arrived and had their meals. we headed up to the jeti to get on the boat, on the way there we took a lot of photos. tu belum naik bot lagi hahah semua orang eksaited lebih nak masuk dalam frame gambar. So we manage to get into the boat and all of us stand at the back so we can see the breathtaking views in front of our eyes. Yep a lot more photos were taken, tu belum sampai pangkor hahah oh and there's this 3 hijabister on the boat and one of us dengan selambanya asked her to take our group picture hahah maseh akak.. I don't use my phone a lot cuz you know samsung is a little bit honest when it comes to take selfie so I'm gonna go with Iphone..  I don't count how many minutes it takes to arrive at Pangkor heheh.

So we arrived at Pangkor and there're vans that took us to the beach. The ride was hella crazy because of the geography and berbukit. I've to sit between two boys because it already full at the front huhu. After experiencing that crazy ride, we headed up to the beach and quickly we changed our outfits for getting into the water. (idk about the snorkelling untill I arrived there huhu lucky pakai slipar and dah bawak baju lebih) After dah done semua, we wore safety life jackets, put on crocs's shoes ( diorang sedia ) and took the goggles (kalau bagi hilang prepare la rm100) . It requires 2 boats to bring us to the destination so I just took a walk at the front with some other people and suddenly we heard adam and gang said 'bye2 kami naik bot lain' and we looked at each other macam.. okay fine hahah. So on the first boat were zikri, ros, me and the others which I can remember. As soon as we on the boat and dah gerak berapa jauh, zikri noticed someone's phone is with him so he wave to that person showing his phone hahah serupa kena troll dah orang kat sana.

We took a lot of selfies on his phone.. sorry gotta do that hahah and we took video of us tu tapi malas ah nak post muka macam apa ja hahah. After visiting some of the famous rocks there (I wish I was that famous like them) , we arrived at the snorkelling place.. you've to be extra careful when walking cuz the rocks were very sharp that my feet habis calar. After wearing the goggles, I stepped into the water and it's okay lah sebab my feet sampai dasar.. so I want to challenge myself to go to deeper.. but someone keep pulling and holding my hands because she was too scared hahah. yah so I hold her hands and we were snorkelling together. The boys dah pegi jauh dah. Personally I don't know how to swim eaither but hey that safety life jacket is trustable so I just keep going until my feet doesn't touch the ground. After a while, adam's group arrive and it turn out adam doesn't know how to swim too. hahah sembang jangan buat malu ambik course marine tapi takut air. All of us actually tak reti berenang .. ada sorang ja reti pun. Most of the time I keep kicking adam's leg because the wave was pushing me towards him lel.

I manage to see fishes when they threw the expired bread but adam keep telling us to keep and eat that bread as our lunch. nya la keras papoi roti tu. Throughout the snorkelling sessions, adam kept telling his friends to pull him wherever he want to go because his eyes were sore because of the sea water hahah. I just swimming and chilling nearby zikri, muz, syu and so on. lama gak ah dalam air tu so we kitorang naik la ke atas darat and wait for the boat to arrive. While waiting of course la ambil gambar lagi banyak huhu. After that, we visit a lot of rocks and then we arrived at the beach. While waiting for others to finish changing their outfits, adam said, 'kalau nak tahu kalau perempuan tu betul2 perempuan, tanya ja ada tisu ka dak,' he asked every girl with that question and semua takdak until shu came and asked adam back.. nak tisu basah ka kering and we laughed ..hahah sejati betul la shu. We took the same van to go to the jeti and while waiting for the boat, ros created pangkor's group for photo sharing. Sumpah banyak do gambar.

so lepas dah sudah naik bot, we went to kfc to fulfill our lapar-ness. Gambar lagi hahah and after that zikri decided to take us to go to pasar malam. Inside that car was so festives hahah dengan menyanyi bagai.. lawak semua ada.. bila dah smpai aeon tu,we're looking for parking and lucky zikri have human alarm at the back that day and we found the parking spot while zikri keep saying 'syaitan' because he's already annoyed with all of us hahah sorry. Muz and I performed our Asar inside that aeon and walk together just tengok2 pe ade kat pasar malam tu. We're the first one who arived at the car so yep.. just scrolling our phone. After that, Zikri took all of us back at hostel and it's alreay 7++ pm. hehe so thanks ziri for giving us ride and refuse taking duit minyak from us. Thank you abang and kakak faci despite all of us perangai tak ketahuan, still taking us to this pangkor trip.. I heard they're planning for hiking nnti huhu can't wait for that..

so here's the picture!!

lawa pulak kamera samsung huhu

band baru #soon hahah

the people in my circle? those who make me feel blessed not stressed