4th Week

I want to cuddle with someone rn talking about what's happening today

Lol but I'm single so forget that, plus 'we're' not even halal and never will k. So hi, it's been hectic weeks, is it just me or I'm the only one who felt the orientation week just ended yesterday t.t So many tutorials I've to get it done or maybe I'm the one who need to be blame because I was so lazy. 'was' sekarang dah niat nak jadi rajin starting subuh esok. I promise huhu. So yep I'd done 2 quiz (technical mathematics and engineering science) I got 9/10 for tech math which is nice and I'm grateful for that. Thank you mates. Oh and I'd done Mandarin listening test, I'd thought I did it better which I'm 100% sure I got only 2/3 wrong and it turnt out I got 85%. Right in your face dude ha ha ha. ok pasni tk over-confident dah hm. Oh my classmates are so cool, so cool that there're only 2 gegurls in that class. My roomate and I and oh well they treat us like a queen. Sam treat me several times.. lanje air ja pun but still make me 'terharu' tho. Our class rep, Iem got that angel's voice hahah he always sang in our class.. Iman and Sam kept nagging at me how annoyed they're when Iem start to sing in the bathroom while washing clothes, 'system sound dalam ni best lah' hahah bongoklah. Oh Iem told me about how Sam held his hand in the middle of the pagi buta.. hahah mamai kud. such a cuties lah my classmate. Need to tell you guys about them more often after this. 

Last 2 weeks Muz and I went bbqing with Ain and her classmates. Menyibuk ja menyelit join sem 2 but hey, just for fun. Got the chance to meet Jat and he kept calling me Dik Na and Mustafa to Muz. Ikut suka hati ja mangkuk ni hahah and the day after tomorrow both of us went hiking. I was in such a pressure that my body say can't but my mind kept telling vice versa. For the sake of instagram and good picture, ku gagahkan jua lutut gua yang dah longgar ni and hey finally!! dh sampai puncak. hey siap boleh check in swarmapp lagi okeh omg 3g doe hahah You can check out the picture in my Instagram. Tetiba teringat niat nak exercise la bergym bagai tu kan.. okk *pretend hilang ingatan*

3 more weeks before midsem! Oh I miss my bedroom, I miss the food there. haih lapar la pulak. But anyways, all I can say about my new life here is.. better than ever gitu. So glad that people around me have such a big hearts and respect each other even we made fun of each other a lot. Oh psst I've 2 scandals shh hahah lamala makcik deno ni. Being single sometimes bosan so what could I do. Muz? already have 'the one' lah. jeles itew. oh and my abang is being a good abang like the other abang. abang-ception? hahah not blood-related lah. He study in sem 3 ship design and one of the abang gym. hahah si sado itu abangku. abangmu? hahah jk what did you do during ur free time? every evening (if rajin lah) I will take a walk around campus especially at volleyball court because there's this one abang ada jambang pastu tk tinggi macam terbantut ja kiut weh hahah more to jamu mata je la no har-feelings involve hmmmmm or I'll lepak at slipways merenung masa depan gitu sambil sketch something. Sometimes, during the night, after Isya' I'll go to main hall to play badminton with my guy classmates and I always be that one girl in there.. yang lain semua laki haih. I used to play with abang adam too, almost smash his head instead of the bulu tangkis k. I should stay away from him before someone will check in into hospital bcs of head injury.

aah already 12.09am. The worst part today is my charger rosakk. and right now I'm charging my phone using usb cable and netbook. Fk u kepala charger haih rosak hari lain tkleh ka. I already plan to get a new charger by tomorrow yey. yep gonna sleep rn cuz letih jawab kuiz es tadi. huhu noitee!! #muahrightback