I have to be stronger than before. No, I MUST! There're a lot things happened right now that put me down and I'm tired already. Physically and mentally! Its not about people, love or whatsover.. this is about my studies, loan, the amount of money that my parent have to spend for me to pursue my study and many more. Not only me, my friends feels the same too. Of course I'm down to the lowest. But then I remembered something from the past.. I was fighting with my parent about my studies (( I force them to accept my decision to go to unikl)) and they asked me.. "are you sure with this? you can ace in this engineering world?" and I said yes. Remember why you started this journey. I already agreed in front of my parent that I'm cool with this. Nothing can change my decision. I'm doing things that I like. I keep reminding myself to keep patience and have faith in Allah. He gave me this type of test to test my Iman ((tew)) So I just simply google 'how to have patience in Islam'.. just kidding k hambar.

But hey yesterdaym aiman ((my primary school friend)) just told me about this one certificate that allow me to work while study and the salary are quite interesting. I already make up my mind that I'll take that certificate.. and Mukhriz want to join too. yey highfive!! Even it required 4-5k MYR to take that certificate.. hey I'm gonna do this jugak!  One of my goals right now is.. bila habis diploma.. aku nak langsaikan terus hutang aku. Yep 2 in 1. work + study. My life gonna be awesome. I hope so and this blog will record everything.. I promise I'll update about my experience in this engineering world. *finger crossed*  and yep I've to make sure my pointer are high as it can be or my mom asked me to quit and ask someone to marry me. oh pls!! takmau akuu hahah so yeah I've to study smart and focus in myself and also I must to be discipline about my finance.. as 1 sem = 6.5k. Money are important part here. So I'm gonna spend my money on food and studies only. #wishmeluck

yeah today is my last day at home.. tomorrow I'll go to Perak hm. It's 9.55pm rn and I don't pack anything yet. Hooray to last minute deanna!! Guess who gonna be depressed tonight :))

Anyways, if you're feeling down right now.. It's normal to be sad and cry a little. but you must be a gangster after you deal with that emo. Life must go on, just keep studying, even you've heard about your scholarship or loan being suspended whatsover.. just remember why you started ..

23rd January 2016