The guy from the camp


Oh my God there're a lot of things that happened this month. For reference, just read my 2011 post and you'll have a clear answer why I'm happy right now. So let me recap what happened in 2011. Anis and me have to go to the camp which is at Timah Tasoh. 50% of me don't want to join it but I've to since no one else volunteer to represent the school. While I was there, there's one guy that caught my eyes. Whenever I got the chance, I'll stare at his face for a long time. *never get caught* *I'm a pro in this okey* At first I thought, 'nah this crush thingy gonna over when the camp is over' but no. He haunted me for about 4 years now. So when I started to friend with Syz.. I friend with Nan too, coincidently nan is his lil brother. ((refer to the last 2 post, I wrote about nan)) and I was like dammn this whole things ain't true tho. When I was in form 4, I chat with Nan in facebook and somehow.. the one who replied my messages is his brother so we ended up unfriend each other. Lol.

So I took a decision to forget about my camp crush whatsover and move on with my life.. untill yesterday. I was bored so I looked what my following were doing in Instagram and I accidentally found his Instagram. Dude, this ain't real. I looked at his tag photos.. nah, boom gmbr family kat situ. What's your reaction? I took 2 solid minutes to digest the things that just happened and of course I'm screaming and laugh histerically. Guys.. I waited 4 years for this moment and already planned our kid's name. When you about to give up things, it happened. Where were you for this past 4 years?! ughh. I've to meet Anis and tell her the full stories. Can't wait to see you mate!! So I followerd his Instagram and he requested to follow me back. OH MY GOD! MAYDAY! MAYDAY! my crush want to follow me back!! So.. to indirectly show him that I'M SINGLE... I delete Mukhriz's picture. Not all but some of 'em... ((I'm a terrible friend to you)) and he was so upset about it. Sorry mukh!!

Is it real? I still can't believe all this things. Of course he look a lil bit different but our face almost look the same?! You'll create your own fact just to make your heart feels relieved and trust that he's your future husband tho haha. Everyone does the same thing right?! Right now I gotta have to behave like a good girl, no crazy caption like usual whenever I posted a picture in that Instagram.. finally y'all can see the angel side of Deanna. If I get the chance to go to his house.. and his mother asked me to sit on the couch or whatsover.. automically I'll say 'MasyaAllah this remind me about how I sit every night reading al-Quran'. Ok that's the worst way to show off in front of your future mother in law. Don't do it. Please. But damn dude, if we ended up getting married.. our kids must be proud. Like yo our mum waited for years for our dad to realise that my mum exist in this world  and now here they are!! omg that's the worst imagination I could imagine.

But I still excited weyh. The last things I don't want to see is he already get himself a girlfriend. Please don't do it to me. God, please give me a chance to love somebody beside Allah and my family. I never get myself into relationship before, this is once in a lifetime oppurtunity. ((omg I sound like a desperate bitch right now)) But if its true that he's my prince who stuck on a tree while looking for his true love.. he better not coming down from that tree, let this badass princess get him down by hand... and of course I'll give him a beautiful long ass speech of lecture about how I feel for this past years while we're walking towards the castle. I should take diploma in directing films & etc somehow haih. I never thought this things gonna happened to me after all this heartbreak that I've to face :') It's time for me to change (I repeat this sentence for abt 300 times in a row I think) Gotta be so good that no one could ignore me after this.

To people out there, patience lead you to something great that you never think of. Don't give up pal :)