Letter to Afnan

So hi, I know it's way too late for me to wish your birthday but hey...  Happy 16th Birthday! I know we're not actually closed like others. I hope I could have some more times to get to know you deeper because I don't know much about you. We started to know each other pun.. in a bad way kan.. (I feel really guilty untill today). I try to send you messages but I feel like I'm disturbing your super duper busy life..  so it ended as the unsend text to you :/ But I did remember the first time I saw you at library with that hella scary shoes. Actually before that I took a closer look at your shoes wondering who's the owner. (you can label me as weirdo now) But meh I decided to go away and waiting for my friend to finish her things and then you came. Dude my heart went 80 to 189 real quick. (you're the second guy who could give me a heart attack after paiq). Don't ask me why because I didn't know the answer either. I don't remember how I got your phone's number but I'm glad to have your number in my phone's book (but you must be really annoyed and regret for having me in your life.. sorry) 

My first impression about you are.. hm let me think. You're a secretive person. You've a brilliant mind and don't talk too much unless it's important. haih that's all I can tell you . Strangers > friends hmm. I know you're a kind guy with that 'ceo' style. If you want to kill me, just dressed up in suits with that goddamn nice hair and just showed up in front of me . I'll be dead in less than 1 minute. (cause of death: her heart stop funtioning after Afnan showed up in front of her in the middle of nowhere) jk  (hey you look good in blazer but unfortunately I can't see you in prefect's uniform in real life.. just pictures) Maybe that's why paiq always told me to make peace with you because he knew you're good  & he rely on you to make me happy. (lucky I don't tell him how heartless & short your reply to me.. sedih oo tapi at least ada emoji) to be honest, you make me smile without even trying pun. I see you online whatsapp pun bahagia. #amnotcrazy

but hey.. you owe me a picture. It's hard for me to remember that day but I've to.. remember you say 'no' to me when I ask you for a picture. (and again you're the second guy who make me cry in 2014 ...) that day you you make my confidence level drop to -50 and I hate myself. I know you'll say 'padan muka' @ me after you read it.. kan! benci betul la ish. So that's why I decide to cut you off in my life and that's the stupidiest decision in my life tbh. It 's sad for me tho everytime I saw everyone uploading their personal picture with you.. it makes me thinks the 'life is so unfair' quotes seems true. The first 2 months are not okay, it's always hard to try deleting somebody who you used to adore in your mind. But of course every day I'm thinking about you. ( I did that to everybody, chill). So here am I .. trying to forget the past and  make peace with you and still.. you're acting cold and playing hard to get. yeah I'm sorry for messing up with  your life, being annoying and so on.. but I feel sorry to your future girlfriend / wife too.. knowing the hard work that it takes to grab your attention without a war. ( like I used to..  you won the war) I hope you may find the right one. (**psst 'me') kdak change subject.

So.. I hope you're in good mood throughout this 2015 without any serious problems or depression or whatsover. ( hey you're not the troublemaker right ) I know you're always taking your study seriously like your friend at Kajang and personally I don't even concern about your grades. ( afnan always on top.. I knew it since day 1 ) Goodluck for your final year exam! I wish you're surrounded with good people that will stay loyal to you even your eyes are closed and your back is turned.  In 2 years from now, I want to see Afnan pursue his study in good university, chasing his goals... Life can be tough, but you're tougher. ( I knew you could make it) just don't give up in everything you do..  quitter never win :) Happy Birthday again!  -DW

So em can we restart all over again?

Hi my name is Deanna and you can call me deno. 18 years old younger than you obviously. I want to be your friend. Will you ?