Friend appreciation post : Beni

p/s: bukan beni 


Lately I've been texting someone.. who once I hate the most because his resting bitch face is too strong. After all this chaos that happened lately, I really need a friend who can help me to face all of this and make me forget about someone that I used to love. So it all started in wechat, I just messing around in the comment section whenever he post his status. Actually I still scared to approach people in the internet.. (takut patah hati lagi le huhuhu) but hey, tegur je la.. beni je pun. I call him b or beni because I'm lazy to type his full name.. and I think it is fair because he put my name in his contact list as 'banana'!!! why banana? because he only remembered that my name have 'na' at the end so he just write banana. Actually it is cute.. banana instead of deanna. I should call him 'belimbing' instead of beni.(belimbing sound nice) (his full name is super long that when I first heard it I almost choked) .... So we don't chat everyday, which is good because if it's not.. I would ended up being in the same situation like syz. Putus contact terus.

Oh before that, I dah tau who's nan's crush... (My stalking skill is getting better. I don't know whether I should feel worried by now :/  ) what do you feel? patah hati la seiton haih takpe la move on. When is the first time you knew beni exist in the world? pfft I knew him after I met syz.. all of his clan added me on facebook which is terrifying back then. But Beni and me were not doing so well that we ended up having major fight over the internet. I'm not that bold when he sent those messages so I asked my friends to reply his messages hahahahaha but that was a year ago. I'm the one who apologized.. (yea of course I'm the one who should apologized) but he seems not even care. ouch. So months goes by.. and here we are.. look who replying my messages right now? wuhuu #sishappy hahahaha

So this time I promise myself to treat him well.. not like others. We both have a lot of similarities.. one of the similarities is.. we both are the heartbroken ones.. being turned down by our partner. (sedeyy wey hahah) I told him about I've no friend that willing to chat with me (mukhriz and ain were busy) and he said.. it was suck to be me ugh. But he's right.. it was suck to be deanna. haha jk. At this stage of my life I really need someone who can trigger my mind to look at the positive side and he's the one hahaha (gua tak try beni kayhh) He always giving me some good advices and the most importantly.. he stopped me from killing myself aka suicide hahahaa he always ended up his words with "jangan bunuh diri". I won't kill myself , there're so much goals that I want to accomplish in my life including taking beni to France to eat churros in front of Eiffel Tower. (haih ultimate wife material sunnguh la kan aku ni tapi tu la.. single) and he thought me about don't ever chase people anymore. When the time comes, that person who can treat you well will automically comes to you. (tew sastera cangatt) but it's true tho, the less you care, the more it comes.

Anyways all I want to say is,, thank you beni for stepping into my life at the right time. I was so depressed about the idea of having no one to talk to about my problems and etc but hey there's you.. taking over faiq's position for a while. (listening to my crap stories and my hambar nak mampus jokes). After this, when I see somone with a A+ resting bitch face, I'll not assume him as sombong or whatever.. he may be nice, fun and sporting.. like beni. The past sometime affected them so we shouldn't judge them by looking at their face only. So yeah, I hope for a better day tomorrow and I could move on from things that hurts me.

(I hope Beni don't feel something unusual after reading this post, I'm not normal.. I hope he get that fact and understand my situation huhu)

Beni fr lyfe