Hi guys,
I went to Penang yesterday and hey I bought another alphabet's sticker! (I always paste it on my netbook). Anyways, everyone have their own robin aite? All the things that you did with them aren't same with others but the sad side is you can't have them for the rest of your life.. I mean, they can't be your boyfriend / husband. hm yup I've one. If I want to do something that benefits me, he always be there supporting me. So that's why I decided to hide his identity. I always used Syz's name if they asked me about love related question.. maybe it's because he already used to it. em maybe he hate me right now. But I don't mind that so much right now. There's no way I'm gonna post his name and let the world knows about him. (overly attached deanna alert).

The other day I was texting him whining about everything. But when he asked me for the reason.. I just can't talked about it. Ye la takkan nak merungut pasal orang tu.. he's not mine pun hm. So I just asked him to forget about what I said. "tak baik pendam nanti stress". I want him to sit in front of me like we used to do. 4 years of our friendship.. we used to talk in person a lot than using our phone. Facebook pun tak add okey xD For your information I get my smartphone when I was 16. So whatsapp don't even exist in our life. But even with my smartphone, I never take his picture secretly because.. hey let me watch this face before I missed any moment because I knew he'll leave me one day. (That one day is now.. 2015 *cries*)

strangers in public, babygirl in private. aww hahaha harey geli aku. But sort of lah. If I see something I didn't like at school, balik sekolah siap la dengar deanna mengadu 6 perenggan. I can't stay mad at him for a long time. (if only he'd knew about this haih). But right now he's focusing on his spm. I miss him but .. I'll only ended up disturbing him. He always replied me with punch emoji everytime I said I miss him. And always say no to my girlfriend question. "mane de, deanna ada la pakwe". kena reverse psychology je selalu. I always saw those gang who try to show off their partner and I was like.. hmm nakk jugakk but then I realised about hiding his identity so I just.. okay jangan upload. I've only one picture of us. ONE. IT'S TRUE. tu pun sebab lepas ni dia duduk jauh. sedihnya seorang deanna huhu.

So right now I've 3 months to go before I enter uni's life. The ultimate goals is.. I want to get rid of this fat. I'm a lot chubbier that ever dude. No way I'll wear those marine uniform with this type of body. Can you imagine petrona's gas tank wearing a uniform. huhuhu cek tak miauuu. And I want to start planning my study scheldule. Engineering is a tough subject to score if you don't know how to tackle the tactic. tew ayat hahaha. Probaly I'll start with addmath. Chemistry . yep. and of course I'll remember him 'beleter' at me if I failed at this. I want to make my parent and him proud of me. Life knocked me down several times. So this time, let (wait let use xx to represent him kahkah) okay let xx be my pembakar semangat. hangus pun takpe. eh happy-go-lucky deno is back? yey. so I'll stop at here okay. The rest of the other let me keep to myself only. huehue bubye