Happy Birthday [Mukhriz]

8 September 2015

Happy Birthday Mukhriz. My first guy friend from highschool. Sorry because I'd decided to not wishing you personally via whatsapp or whatsover. I saw your recent post and I do read the caption.. you said that you want to emphasize the importance of surrounding yourself with people who genuinely care about you and feel proud to have you exist. Clearly, I'm not one of those. 5 years of our friendship is ain't easy to keep it on the right track and yet .. you choose to push me away from your life. I choose to remain silent even deep in my heart I just.. want to ask them to give my friend back. But I just tired.. tired of the idea..  that it's always me who ask people for their attention while no one ask me for the same things.

You can curse me everything today for not wishing your birthday.. bcs you did the same thing last June. I hope you'll remember me too for doing the same. I guess you just found a better person who can replace my position for this 5 years. I just wanna say , thank you for this amazing 5 years.. having you as my friend is a blessed. We nailed PMR result together and support each other at our lowest during SPM. Now, I choose to let you go.. I want you to amuse others like you did to me. Show them the road to success. Suprise them with your loyalty. On this day, I hope you get a very good result in your exam. I hope you're surrounded bt good people.. people who will help you to shine brighter than ever. I believe that you can achieve your life goals. I hope God gives you the strengths to face all the challenges in life.

I'm sorry for treating you badly this year. If people ask me what's wrong.. I'll say that you're too good for me to be my friend. 5 years is more than enough for me to share my highschool life with you, You're one of my best friend that I've ever had and I never regret that. You're the 9th person who left me. But I'm okay. I hope that one day we'll .. who knows tetiba terjumpa time shopping or somehow. Once again, I'm sorry for making your life harder for this past 5 years. My bad. Enjoy having a new great life and friends.

080997-09.04AM"For the first time I saw you, my heart whispered 'That's your whole world'. Thank you mom"