Seventh Raya (22/7/15)

Bout' to drop an album

I've notice that I never posted post about my first Raya.. My first raya is kinda boring.. nothing interesting to share with you. But anyways I just meet my hot cousin, damn last time I saw him , he's still 12 years old. And now he worked at Perodua servis centre. Conclusion is.. my raya was hambar from day 1 - 6. But not hambar on seventh day because my friends and I had a very good day. (p/s: I got my mum's permission.. not sneaking out like I used to do back then hoho)

So Haziq, Ain & Mukh picked me up at my house at 11am. Mukhriz drove Haziq's car as Haziq's energy were drained and he need to sleep asap. We heading up to Sufi's crib and went to Dominoes. This time we ordered two large pizza because the last time we went there.. we ordered the small sizes of Pizza and me & Mukhriz were fightimg over the last pizza. Sadly, he won. While waiting for pizza to arrive. We shared a lot of stories about their placed.. em not we.. them. It seems fun to enter uni's life huhu. We took a tonned of selfies.. (I never posted in Instagram due to some people that acted rude towards my friends and I) You can checked it in my vsco. I wore white blouse with black jean. Ain and mukhriz wore striped shirt.. Sufi wore Arsenal's jersey. Haziq wore blue-black t's.

After spending a lot of time at dominoes.. (kalut menyembang politik, only me and sufi don't understand what they're talking about) we went to Bukit Air. It always happened when we were hangouts, plan benda lain.. jadi benda lain ugh. At first Mukhriz suggest to go to Empangan but then Sufi said it'll be hot due to that day weather. We took our shoes off. Fyi me, mukhriz & ain wore sneakers.. mana nk pi tau jd mcm ni lol. The highlight of day was the amount of efforts given to take a good shots for pictures. I almost fall into the water hahaha. Alhamdulillah 200+ pictures succesfully taken. Mukhriz's dslr, Ain and Haziq's iphone 6 became the victim. We spent a good time there. Somehow I feel very grateful to have them in my life.. despite a lot of bad things happened to us, we still stick to each other.

On the way home, we swap our kad raya. Ain's card is the cutest among all. For mukhriz, firstly I gave him a sampul raya.. I put my signed picture in there. He deleted my picture in his Ig so that's how I taught him. You can see his reaction video in my averroes account. ahahha I'm a bad friend told ya'. After all, I think they're that one kind of friends that everyone dying to have. Lawa, hensem, cerdik and the most important is that great atittude. God pull one person that so called friend to mine a long time ago in my life.. I never regret to forget her existence. Focus on what I had is enough.

Surround yourself with friends that willing to lift you up with them, not knocked you down and breaks your life.