2 Jul 2015

Jupiter Venus

So yesterday is the first time after 2k years Venus and Jupiter meet each other and their position is side by side. Ya I can't see it from my house because it's blocking by house but my neighbour back there can see the clear view and he sent me the picture via twitter. Aww at least in the end they meet each other jugak so.. I took this advantage to poke Mukhriz. I sent him .. 

" weh sweet gila kan Jupiter dgn Venus meet each other after 2k years.. kita ni dah 6 tahun together, bila pulak turn nak duduk sebelah menyebelah?"

"pikapline (thumbs up emoji)"

Friends don't friendzone each other which is nice. A lot things happened to our friendship actually. By friendship I mean the whole people in the squad. Sadly I'd to remove Haziq  from my life for temporary. Ain met penyu (to me sir I kiut lagi doe). Sufi kind of menyepi (stadi kudd) emm. Can't wait for Raya to receive their cards. I wonder what written in there. kahkah back to old school. I easily get annoyed when someone forwarded messages to me through whatsapp or whatsover. There's no value in there. It's others words, not from her/himself. At least sent me things that came from yourself duhh. Speaking of that.. ya I'm in fight again with Syz. It's indirect fight. He updaye his ws status so he can roasted me, so I roasted him back in wechat. I just.. can't see him love another girl in front of me.. at least let me find my partner first so I won't care about him dah hmm I miss the old days. So many things have changed. ergh

I planned about making a story in wattpad. It's not kind of short story.. novel etc. I just want to write poem? kahkahkah deno tulis puisi doe. Someone plis simbah me with air bungaa 8 baldi. I know no one will ever read it so I could merapu whatever I want. The only escape daripada I bothering hidup org lain. Penat tau dak. Sendiri cari pasal sendiri sakit hati. I just.. want to be loved. Someone actually cared about me. I never been in love actually so I never had any experienced. So last time ain bebel at me because of my atittude.. she asked, what if one day you've a bf, if he merajuk what you gonna do? I simply answered, I'll let him be, pujuk la diri sendiri.. I don't care. Dia keluar hangout dengan girl lain pun aku tak kisah. And she said.. how could I treat someone like that.. maybe that's the reason I've bad luck in relationship . . . ahh another 6 years la I try again *annoyed*

I did edit my blog earlier tadaaa... change my header, picture etc. Today's 2nd July and I want to be a better person (lame) I should planned for my poem cover.. ( can't resist myself from laughing) anyways which me luck that no one will ever find those pitiful poems. I'm gonna cry if that happened. lolo bye #muahrightback

" If you enter into healing, be prepared to lose everything. Healing is a ravaging force to which nithing seems sacred or inviolate. As my original pain releases itself in healing, it rips to shreds the structures and foundations I built in weakness and ignorance."                - Ely Fuller "The Courage To Heal"

title of my blog ^^ :) 

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