Hi. It's 11th June. By this 2.20pm. You're gonna be 18 years old. So this is 17 yars old you trying to say goodbye. 18 still cinsidered as teenage life but hey your school's life is officially over. I'm so sorry to be a such a burden for you. I'm not doing my 17 years old life so well. But I'd witnessed everything and learned something from that. I let go some people that don't deserve you. I want your 18 life be so good. Promise me wou won't repeated the same mistake as I did. Live your life. You deserve to be happy like everyone else did. Em I'd bad news to you.. now it is 1.32 am and no one really remembered your birthday.. syaz too. I remember I'm the one who wished him happy birthday last Feb but now where are him.. hmm listen. You don't need hm anymore. One day when you'd succeeded.. don't ever allow him to show up his face in front of you anymore. Dear 18 years old Deanna, after this, please don't trust people easily. I love you. I don't want you to be hurt like me. Keep that good attitude. Grow up. Don't show your weakness in front of other people. Hey last good thing that I do is.. I made you a card. A short story of your 17th life. I'll post it in dynowanted's ig hihi.

You're so not gonna miss me. I'd been backstabbed by my own classmate and old so called friends. My crush even broke my heart. I'm nothing. Sorry.If I could repeat this 17th life. I'll do it. I'm gonna fix my mistake and make sure you don't get hurt like this. But I can't. Dear 18th Deanna.. pay attention to the letter that I'd printed to you. I'd learnt my lessons. Once again promise me you'll further your studt at UniKL MIMET OKAYH? Don't ever let your parent changed that.Whatever happens, please don't hurt your body or mind. I love you. After all, my life isn't bad. I'm so grateful to have friends that support me throught thick and thin and not forgetting my existence. Saiyidah, Aina, Fatin, Anis, Ain, Mukhriz, Cupi, Ajiq and Faiq. Thos little rascals still be on your side Deanna. Please don't loose them. Take care of Faiq for me. That guy have been stressed enough to accompany me. Please don't ever pissed him again by saying layan awek le tu. He'll get mad.  Ahh I can sleep thinking of you. How my 18th life gonna be. It must be my mother scolding me for doing nothing. Lord please... She asked me what I want to eat for my birthday and I answer.. I don't know, it's up to you.. sorry 18th Deanna. I really can't think what's the best food for you. 

em Goodluck getting high cheekbone that you need. lol it seems impossible. Ya I hope you'll spent less time on your phone because tv shows are started to be interesting nowadays. Gosh it so hard to type in this dark room. Sorry for the typo. yeah I think I'll go to sleep right now. Last but not least.. be strong throughout this 18th life.Even the hates that you get seems annoying af, let them be. Don't give any attention to'em. Don't worry about not getting a boyfriend. Hey muka hang tak layak ada bf je pun hahahaha sorry. em. Focus on your study. Stay humble. Don't forget to pray 5 times a day. 

To all my friends, thank you for upporting me even my attitude is like satan baru keluar penjara Ramadhonn. Thank you for making my 17th life cheerful and wonderful. Thank\ you for taking me jalan-jalan without asking duit minyak. Thank you mukhriz yang selalu tak stop kereta and let me lari kejar buka pintu kereta. Fack aku penat tau lari vavi. Thank you ajiq ngn ain selalu belanja makan without worrying duit habis belanja gajah ni. Thank you for being honest with me. Thank you for sanggup tunggu satu sem kat universiti. Thank you for everything guys, Thank you kat Saiyidah and the gang. Kita dapat 8A sesama dulu. Sorry I'd make a mistake when I'm 16 and now I'm regretting it.Padan muka hakuuu.. Anyways.. wherever you are.. study smart weh!! Nanti dah berjaya kita gathering parking lambo sebelah menyebelah je kayh. This is all I could do for you 18th Deanna. Goodluck. Welcome to a new life. New age New Deanna huehue. I love you. Make sure you miss me back kayh!! buhbaii :') 


17th years old Deanna
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