Well hai this is me again lulz who else the author of this blog. So I just want to say goodluck to those who got offer from the upu. Just to make things clear that.. I'd started my study. Yeah a month earlier from you guys. Only to be temporary. While waiting for the official letter from my university. I'd study Math T ( suitable for those who want to pursue his/her study in engineering), Physics.. tomorrow will be Chemistry. I take that just for fun. So for you.. you know who... I don't have time to care what you do, what you'd tweeted and so on. Thus, I don't even care if you want to spend some time with my friends. Look for the 's' bitch. I'm not "bebal" like you to have small quantity of friends. So please don't take serious shit when I tweet something or whatsover.. my blog's post. Because you're not the only one human that I know.. please sedar diri. I'm getting annoyed and I'd to do what I got to do. Don't question it. Ada otak fikir sendiri la laknat. haih sorry I'm just "bengang". Lagi diam lagi la nak menyibuk. Adoyai. Bila kawan "baru" dah menyampah dengan perangai sendiri baru la nak terhegeh datang dekat kawan yang lama. I don't know why we keep giving you chance . tak sampai hati tau nak maki. "tak sampai hati" lulz. Lantak hang la nak buat apa. At least jangan kacau / musnahkan hidup orang. Jangan kacau orang. Nak lingkup. Lingkup sorang2, jangan ajak kawan sekali lingkup. Kesian. Sebab aku dah rasa.

So I met this abang... ceyy abang. We'd something in common. We've been through some bad situation during the past and try to restart all over again by creating new ig. We've been dm'ed via ig. Sometimes, he's giving me some good tips and facts. Somehow I manage to surround myself with positive vibes. Can't wait to see him at university later ceyy. No just kidding. I'll try avoiding him as long as I can. Boleh tahan gedik jugak sometime.. tag hashtag diri sendiri. Untunglah sapa jadi partner sehidup semai dia. While deno mereput single 18 tahun and counting... baru plan nak beraya berdua tahun ni -_- Anyways I want to thank God for giving me oppurtunity to face all this challenge that makes me strong physically and mentally. RIP grammar. It makes me appreciate people that willing to stand beside me even my attitude is like satan finding her partner. I forgive the people who stabbed my back, doing bad things behind me.. nevermind, I forgive you. You're just.. immatured. Hoping people to like you but mad + butthurt when people treat you the way you treat 'em. ceyy ayat twitter sia.

Last but not least.. please, I don't have time to be sad/ piss off/ mad or whatsover from things that you'd done. I have so much things to do in my life and complete my goals. Tweet like you're a saint doesn't make you a sinner. Sometimes things that you tweeted reflected to you. Macam tweet dengan cermin.I choose to be silent. I observed.. think. keep it to myself. Doesn't need to tweet or caption it. Nanti 2 billion users pulak terasa. Anyways Paiq still giving me some good motivation that I need. Boost my intention to work harder and be a better person. Keep it lowkey. I'm sorry if my do things that might piss you off. Not my intention. p/s: I'd never built a wall that separate my friends from other people. You're the one who thinks like that. Pls revaluate yourself.