January Intake

you guys have to accept that this is the owner of this blog. Will do everything just for Instagram's like. 

It's almost a month that I study in form 6 and hey it isn't that bad! But for sure am not taking the STPM. Physics, Maths T and Chemistry went well for me but not pengajian Am where you have to write those long paragraph about current issues within words not more than 200 or idk. I do get A's in Bahasa Melayu but noo I don't want to face it anymore. Every people or even teachers gave me a weird looks when I said yes I take science stream but I'm leaving soon to UNIKL Mimet next year. And they just like.. unikl? better UITM lagi la sebab diorang dah cut siap2 yuran. Um excuse me do they have Marine engineering course? No. so just shut up. Science stream in STPM is isn't that bad. You just had to focus and do a lot more exercises. The best part is.. there're only 2 boys and 3 girls. I'm the only one Malay. I do enjoy doing calculation compared to reading and writing essays stuff and hey MUET teacher is superb. She make us talk in every lessons. Just speak out topic that you want to talk about. By doing that I speaking skill are getting improved. I friend with Wani and Nureen. They choose Kemanusiaan stream so sometimes we'd to separate classes which I go to the lab and they stayed in the class. The school? I'm annoyed with their system. I prefer Derma compared to this. No ringing bell and more quiet and peaceful. Many people ask me.. when you'll leaving us?

This end of the year. My rayuan seems failes. I failed everyone em. It's a bit sad because Ain got June intake while me... have to wait next Januari. 6 months balanced. I'll continue with my form 6.. dari duk rumah tak buat apa. Even Paiq agree that I go to form 6 first. Pengalaman baru katanya. I miss him, there're a lot of stories I want to share with him.hm I asked this one guy, he got the same intake with me and he said he couldn't wait any longer that he want to keep going with form 6. I'm scared. yep he got the point that January is too long. I'd miss 1 semester compared to first intake. All this stuff sometimes stressed you. ya I do cried. When I pray, sometimes this topic came to my mind and like.. what had I done wrong? Why must He punished me like this? I want that June 2015 intake. and I started crying. Thank God there's no camera in front of face. More ugly than ever dengan hinguih astagaa. Thn again I doa.. I trust Him. Thanks for the rezeki that I'd and will get. Redha with the qada' and qadr. At first I'm mad and then.. who am I want to judge God. Like Sufi had said, good things always comes late. Ain- everything that happened have some 'hikmah'. Mukhriz- at least you got the offer compared to others that unsucessful. All I do is to wait. Pejam celik pejam celik tadaaa December. I said to Ain that.. (joke mode) you know what are the hikmah behind all these? maybe pensyarah effendy tu saja sabotaj rayuan aku so nanti second intake there will be only 2 students which is me and someone.. and he'll said "saja saya sabotaj kamu kalau tak, saya tak boleh rapat dengan kamu Deanna please XD Angan itu percuma and hey I have the best senior that willing to help me pass through this. OMG I'm so lucky. and Ain.. if that turtles get attach to her new friends, I swear I'm gonna put a grenade in front of her door and throw her body into the sea.

Anyway, I'm thankful that I will face a uni life next year with new people and berorientasi alone duhh. I'm excited doing medical check-up, buying stuff and have a long car journey. Lumut and Perlis jauh bapak. Oh I want to be like my idol, vivy yusof, nurulism, miyyo (eh) and oak (she's a painter). I'll try to be a girl like them. Powerful but yet cute and have a great life and friends. (and husband & babies). And I want to try developing abs. lol. hiks.  But deep down in the back of my mind I'm still hoping that.. I'll receive a text message. Anda diterima kemasukan unikl sesi jun I know .. maybe it'll not happen. I just go follow the flow now on. Have faith in Allah. He knows better what are the best for you. For me.. maybe I'll meet my future husband there .. who knows kahkah. It's almost 10pm and I hadn't take any showers yet. so Have a great day ahead people!! #muahrightback