So my days went better than before when I choose not to care. And then I realised that.. oh my, I started to to lose myself. I don't even know me anymore. I'd another instagram's acc which when you see it.. it'll make you think. Is this deno? actually I dedicated that account to Syz and luckily he knew about it and he'll like the picture to notify me that he had read it. lel. Nowadays, I could finished like 3 drawings in one day and that's not normal. I hate it when I finished a lot of drawing. idk it made me feel so stressed. At one point I felt like I want to deactivate all my social media account. but nah. As a batak it's quite hard for me lololo mengaku XD

"Kalau aku jadi orang lain.. hampa nak kawan ngn aku dak?" I sent it in the group and.. mukhriz said that hang okay ah kami terima seadanya.. merendah diri apa. When I'm being serious they'll take it as a joke. This type of friends is a keeper. Btw nick hazwan jonas finally turning into a normal person eventhough he's a famous artist. lel. I want to hug my bistfwin aka my kang gaelly hahaha. When he make that confuse face it looks alike kang gary a bit. Not forgetting syedd!! my ultimate violin's player. (He'd a concert this evening) Apart from that, he's my secret agent.. I told him to spy my long lost enemy there.. once I got my prey.. I wouldn't let it go. ( I thought of being a lion just now with that type of hair around my face and tail behind my back) r u ok deno? lol no.

And I started to live healthy life. I always jog with my primary schoolmates at Bukit Kubu. We climbed the hill.. in the middle of the way nagging about how tired this type of exercise. Nak menyesal naik pun dah tak guna sebab dah smpai puncak. feck mi life. Then there's a day where 200 m more to reach the finished point.. there goes the heavy rain ft lightning.. full speed mak cik mak cik lari doe. RIP paha and betis. I feel bad about next story hahahaha . (day 3: I still can't stop laughing my a$$ off) I was about to take my water bottle and suddenly the helmet fall. It's not regular fall. It fall with some physic and God's power. It roll down and dush.. into the lake. pfft HAHAHHAAHA luckily the God loves us.. 8 less people saw the incindent. My friend is the one who went into the lake to take that poor helmet while me.. still laughing. HAHAHHAHA that's the higlight of the April's month. Hoping for sado body lel gtg beii