It's been a long time since I've updated. It still the same.. boring life that I'd to face all day. But I still breathing which is nice. Yeah I'd two ig for reasons.  That first one is for dermarians whch is my friends and whatsover. The second is for the person that I really care tho.. it's easier for me to stalk whatever they did on instagram lel. stalking level: over 999. And I follow this one user and I should call him 'abang' cuz he's older than me. And he commented at one of my picture and somehow I feel ya our soul are like old friends but in the end he 'bye'd me. cilake leknet punya abang kahkah. But nevermind and then I realised. What if.. the banana fruits 2 times in a row maybe 3 4 or5? It scared me a bit.. the idea of meeting new people. Ya they real and if I succeed. I'll study in the same u with 'em. What if they'd something in common with my past friends. "fake". Maybe at first they'll treat you nicely and in the end the'll do something to bring you down. My worst nightmare had become true. Thanks 'friends'. I want to start a brand new classy respect toward each other life. Even people don't like us.. we still like us. We're just a bunch of kids that's being sabotage by so-called-friends and they just left us hanging without the answer of "what had we done?" question. It's not even cool when you do something terrible to your friends just to comfort yourself.

You won this time but one day it'll happened to you back and that time you'll realised how stupid you're. Nevermind, I don't talk much but I still saw what you did. I'm just observing it. If I tweeted or whatsover it means that I still don't grow up. Silence. Maybe silence will stop you from doing all this stuffs but I was wrong. so lantaklah lel. So all I did to fulfill my 'hambar' days is sketching. I wish I could draw faces or people.. but when I do.. my drawings look alike a bunch of monkeys having feast. sobs sobs. And I'm planning to make a journal but nah I'm lazy. Idk what'll happen when I get into university. My roomates may have some kind of depression that cause by me. sorry mates hahaha. Oh ya I pass my driving license kahkah!! I fail at first try. The second time I came.. I forgot to bring my IC and license. Had to getback to Kuala Perlis to pick 'em up. pehh nasib pass doe tak rugi balik. Only god knows how nervous I am cuz I fail at parking slot. What I did to overcome my nervous? ya I sing in the car. Jamming Sam Smith's song. And at the Z part.. I did it well. Thank God the sam JPJ that fails me marks the pass box. Half part of me want to hug me half of the rest felt like to punch him. There's no in between wehee. I can drive legally right now. So the conclusion is.. I'm happy for the life that I've.. things that happened to me.. at least I've great friends around me that sometimes become supporting as fuck and sometimes the evilies satan that I'd ever met. lel bubye