Nothing changed. It's just like the usual days. There's me drawing.. sleeping and even chilling on the bed all day. I'd driving lessons just now and things get more ugly day by day. I can't even pass the 'Z' part which I cursed a lot in the car as the teacher are not in there. Everybody just looking at me with weird expression. Maybe they never saw a girl cursing kut lol. I met Bellon there. Dah QTI doe. Untunglah. So ya I do get some offers but I swear to God I never tell you about the details. I'll leave you with 'read' signs if you asks me via ws. Things get pretty messed up. Honestly, I think that sometimes people around me have mental issues somehow that whatever my friends or I did.. they'll hate it and posted in group's message. Why acted like you're 8 when you're 18. Maybe you just think ya melawak ja mental buat apa.. but at some point thats joke broke someone's heart and I'm not good handling heartbroken people. Just say something shit but I never replied or whatsover.. I'll just read and closed my eyes. How do people tend to do this. You do have your partner (bf/gf) but why need to bother other's life. Our sadness is your happiness? ok have  a blessed life with that shitty attitude. May your friends didn't leave you. And now my friends and I are really upsets about how things going and we're done. Do something what makes your happy.. let us down if that what you want. But may I asked you something? Aren't we using your fuel's money when we hangout? Aren't we brought you girlfriend / boyfriend? Aren't we spamming you whatsapp? Aren't we? So let's make things clear. You do tell us what we did wrong and we tell you our sins so you can sharpen your knife. Don't you guys ever message any of us asking where do we study because our answer will be the same. The school life had ended but you guys never planned to end all this things. This called bullying. 

This is beyond our imagination. How dare you could do this to your so called friends. Maybe we're facing satans not people. People won't do this because they can think logically what's right or wrong. Whatever. Goodluck. I feel bad for dereksyener but you guys still have the band while mine had splitting. So I just text Syz asking man, I got some serious question to ask you, may i? Silakan.. Tf you'd leave 1D? I don't feel comfortable with Louis. Leknet !! hahahaha his face is way out of the league to compare with Zayn hahaha. I mad at him a while ago but Deanna will always be Deanna. The one who say sorry first. I hate myself for being too kind. haih One week to go till Faiq's back. Nk smuggle cukup2 kahkah. As you know I'm always refers Siti as my mum and Haziq as my father. Yesterday I got some big news hahaha. Musang just called me 'nak' like ntahla nakk. Since when you're becoming my father? since I found you at the side of main road. Someone left you there. I don't have gut to leave you alone. dejehh hahahaha. I'm so grateful to have humourous friends. Even there's one bij that can't reply my ws because his wifi is facing tough times. #prayforsafwanswifi . oh yaa  haritu (lupa dh bi haha) I downloaded this game apps called japanese doll.

I see it on my timeline that the games had some untold mystery somehow. So I just downloaded it without even thinking that the post could be true. First when I played it.. I got some headache somehow but I feel dizzy. The next day when I'm with my friends.. there's so much bad things happened.. untill mukhriz's call me bad luck. The highlight of the day when Ain's mum called and somehow mad at her for unknown reasons. That's the time when I just okayy.. just uninstall before anything worst happened or someone dead. But pls. Don't downloaded it. Sincerely me.