So here is the post after SPM result.. em em em, I got 4A *whispering* . I only cried at the beck of my minds, physically I acted nothing went wrong. Just a bad day. None of my squad got straight. yey highfive skit hahaha typical deanna.I went home and my parent just spit out the words that made your heart breaks into million parts.sobs sobs. The truth is finally out. My parent is nazi. lel. They pushed the fck out of me to follow their words. Ask me to pursue study in form6. Hell no. No technical subjects there. My parent didn't know their daughter so well/ All they want is.. they want me to become a cute teacher. lol. It's not gonna work out. I will end up hanging up myself or cut my wrist. I want to be engineer. Thank God. My friend and relatives still supporting me.. my friend's parent too. It's just my parent didn't get the concept. Haih.. I don't want to raise up my voice towards them but their action make me to. I have to stand up by myself. The only one who have to study is me.. not them. Otherwise I just ask my mum to go to university if that what she wants. Asian parent is so stressing me out. And now I just hope that God help me and proves my mum wrong. Bad vibes and thoughts never give anyone advantage. And know there;s a battle between me and my mum.. about who's opinion is the right one. My head gonna explodes. It's not only my parent. FRIENDS. The backstabbers..

Me, Ain, Mukhriz and Haziq are confused what the hell that girl wants... she talked behind our backs and pretend like she done nothing. How do we knows? Luckily God gave all of us brain that functioning well...  and now all we can do is. SILENCE. We don't care what she'll do and done. Her life never bother us. The two face creatures is something that you all need to avoid. But we can't. She always haunted us.. she tweeted about things that we'd done but she don't understand the reason we do that.. I'd set my wall high. When I get myself into uni's life. No bitch can pass that wall. Guys too. I don't trust people lately except those 3 aliens. We spent most of our times together. Doing adventure, picnic.. and soon bake a cake together. Maybe I'll just watch. My cooking skill is so terrible. Oh Haziq helped me meet someone new.. who? safwan. haha he is my tuition friend but I never see his face. Maybe because I just don't care about what happen around me that time. He's ggmu. Hahaha it's okay to have a friend from rival teams. He's a fan of anime and love to play futsal. The problem is always. hmm and haziq said that I'm the one who send him messages at the wrong time. lol I feel bad. Do you like him? umm no la kud. No.. no.. yes? nononono... It's to early. I don't want to get attached like Syz. Our relationship went well.. even there's part that we fight. and I'm the one who apologies.

That guy remember the day when we first met while this person just mistake about the date. hah *facepalm*. Ibni seems forget what happened the incident that had happened. I casually helped him to get attention from his crush lol. I'm a best senior told ya'. Today is Syd's birthday. We took a selfie on the results day. see? Deanna has zero feeling about her terrible result. I wished him at my new tumblr account.. because I forgot the password of the old one. I started to forget things lately hm. so what's your plan? I don't know.. waiting for the letter.. and sketching.. driving lessons. Still didn't get the license. Those 3 aliens have the p license including anis. hmmm.. I know I'm not the only last person. bruhh.. so yeah.. I think I'll ended up here.. Gotta work to do heh. xoxo