Random thought

so hi,
I hope Aina read my message at her blog lololo I leave my blog's link there. So here we are.. now our friendship is on the red zone which is .. its gonna be falling apart as am no longer close to mukhriz lel. Or he just doin't his thing? like bebai sort of merajuk like once upon a time. But me don't care lulz. So its been a while I'm shut myself down. I just sketching.. colouring.. post it on ig.. batak gila ayat but that's the real deanna. Take it or leave it. My phone seems having a relax time as no one messages or finding me.. or they don't realize that I'm missing? I don't want to be sad anymore.. so I smoke weed.. kdak jkjkjk. too poor to buy weed. Safwan is at KL with his family.. that bij is really something.. ugh

Faiq is at his kampung which is nevermind. Have fun with your grandparent. I sent him a picture of a girl that same age with me had enganged and he asked me.. deanna nak kawin awai jugak ka? sp I replied.. I just have to wait Faiq finished his study.. well that's escalated quickly.. but he replied .. galak, bagi habis belajar dulu. I laughed till I can feel I've six packs doe. He always have that punchline and the most dangerous is.. the punchline always hit the target.. I feel so dumb when texting him.. how can 16 years old have higher IQ than 17 years old. People always mistaken me.. they thought that I'm in form 4. Nak kata diri muda le tew .. haha Syz's word. It's great cuz they're not asking about my SPM result phew. So I told Faiq about the date that we first met and just like.. betulka tarikh tu and I just like.. can you just agree with me smh? And he asked me about my car's licence. He planned to ask me pick him up to go chill out.. I mean eat or something.. take deanna out from her cave. But I don't had licence yet sobs sobs. So he cancelled it. There's goes my chance to meet him again. I told him that, after this I can't see you anymore. He consoled me that .. InsyaAllah one day kita jumpa ahh jangan sedih. hmm see?! How can I unlove him. Sometimes he's giving me advise .. to move on.. don't let the past haunting you and distract you to plan in the future. hmmmm be my husband please.. ish Idc lah he's 2 years younger than me. Che ta dengan zain boleh huh. cliche ja ayat kahkahkah

Ya I kinda enjoy this living sometimes. No one could ask me to be what they want me to be. Wake up.. take a shower.. settle house cleaning.. scrolling instagram.. replying messages.. (if there's any lol). sketching.. or reading novel (which I borrowed from my neighbour at the back of my house). Watching tv. Kinda addicted to Hyde Jekyll me at channel 393. About a person with 2 personalities. The hero is so eye-catching. Handsomenya sobs sobs. Keep this secret. I don't want no one knows that deanna watch korean dramas. After that maybe I do some blogwalking.. but smh they don't update their blog. frustnya.. em.. then maybe sleep..  I don't want to open twitter app because I know that bij Mukhriz is having some real good conversation with mai.. haahahaha fakyu =)  So yah that's it.. I want to sleep doe haha boii