So it's been hectic days.. first of all, yesterday I got driving lessons and the first two tries it seemed like I nailed it. Call the jpj and I'm gonna pass bitch!! not so long after that.. I messed up with the step and the car stuck at the boarder aand my teacher wasn't there. Luckily there's a teacher volunteered to solve the problems. Malu Ba b!! ahahahahaha I can't express how many people there.. Idk whether they witnessed the incident or nah. After that I just okay I'm done. Then my teacher came and laughed when I told him about the incident. bruh didn't you ever mad? Deanna tried to destroy your car just now -_- "hahahaha hang loqlaq, bila nak bawak aku pi jenjalan?" That's what Syz said. Bro, you can get killed if I'm the driver. While syed, "aku nak pi cerita kat satu sekola senior bawak kereta naik tembok." If i ever know that someone from school knew about this, tau la aku nak tonyoh muka sapa. And my teacher confidently booked the JPJ's test this Thursday. You can see the 'help me' sign in my smile and I hope he's understand but nah you can do it Deanna and your future is getting your P this Thursday. When I told him about my 'z' problem, he just like okay a day before the test, I'll monitor you doing the z. Fck det.

Later that night, I just collected all my physical and spiritual energy to ws Nandos. pfft you know who if you know me well. It's been 20+ days since he never replied my messages. sobs sobs. And he replied like blaming me for dissapear too long.. eh?  and I told him yeah I'm so sad like he abandoned me for some unknown reason and I told all stuff that happened to faiq and he just .. eh?? *laugh ft cry emoji* he said that He's busy with all bahas thingy but that crazy kid aka syz online for 24 hrs. "aku akan reply selagi yang termampu" bodoe la ayat hahhaaha If you see I'm tweeting or post anything that related about rabbit.. it refers to nandos. I sent him baby rabbit's picture with caption.. kawan eh?  he replied with thumbs up emoji.. gebu macam nan. I thought that there'll be an awkward situation. Deanna is so scary as fck when she's flirting with someone. But nah, he replied.. "kann.. hahahaha" I WANT TO SQUEEZE HIS FACE LIKE SQUISHY DOLL!! ok chill. Yeah he's short but his head is big enough.. no wonder his exam result way to high than stars. because he's a God. ok again chill weh.His physical appearance makes me want to ugh.. I mean gomoi him la like a cat. See? that's why you should consider marrying me because I'm way too sweet than candy lulz.

But anyways if some of you messages me or whatever but I took so long to reply. I'm away playing games or I'm not with my phone. I played kim kadeshen stuff game but get too annoyed when that bij willo pepe or whatsover her name make my followers gone. dck ya biyatch. aand I played farm stuff game. shiptown. addme!! haha lulz kbye