My bad boi

Hi so today is 6th February 2015
Yesterday was 5th February 2015.. It's syz's birthday. Yah last time I talked about him is when I'm in angry mood. at 11.49pm; 11 minutes till 5th February.. I wish him happy birthday via whatsapp. and he replied. And everything went normal back again. ugh I hate myself. I asked him about that girl who acted like syz was her bf. Even I'm trusting her not syz. sowwy syz. He said that his relationship with her is like mine. ONLY FRIEND. ppffft friendzone alert. lol poor naj..

I made him a drawing and asked sufy to upload it on facebook. That cunt believe sufi did the drawing lol whatever. And now we're together back again. And the cycle will repeat untill we die. I'm waiting for this upcoming 11 March. That day means our friendship have been a year. Even he doesn't feel excited as I am I don't care. I'm lacking of idea right now. uhuu bye.