22 Feb 2015

It's 3 am in the morning.. I can't sleep.. with this thought.. that you're leaving tomorrow, a week before the result day.. You're the only person that really understand me rather than myself. I would give up if I met myself. I feel .. A L O N E. Everyone is sleeping. I got no one to answer to. No one to entertain. I just shut 2 people out today. I felt really guilty. I swear I'm gonna be good for you and everyone else. JJust want to let you know that I'll love you forever. Before you left.. you asked me to take care of myself and wishing I'll get straight A for next week I .. I just... if I don't get that straight A... maybe I failed myseld..you and my parent. Everyday I wish that you didn't wish me 'nite' text..or even saying goodbye like syz.. because I don't want you to leave me for the second time.. last time you did.. I did something stupid and I'm hurting so much. And now I can't let go.

If you were mine for the next 10 years. I'll treat you better. You always giving me positive vibes even I'm always be a bad girl these past years. You tought me to believe in me. You're the first person that realised about my dimple at my left cheek during we first met. Noticed about my long eye lashes. Made an effort  to fulfill my wishing. Eventhough I said I didn't like you.. I lied. I can't fall for you. Who knows that's just the only way to keep you from breaking my heart.. but we close together.. The way you console me if I mad at you... no ne does that except you. You really want me to be brave to ace this world alone..without you... saying that I'm good at math.. but I taught you the wrong solutions and we got false answer.. still good tho..I love to see how you respond when I sent you my pick up line... it'll turn wrong seh hahahaha am not laughed actually.. I'm crying.. first because of you.. second.. it's dark here and maybe ghost were here.. third.. I don't feel like sleeping.. and four.. mukhriz mad at me.. you don't even leave yet but I got 98 per 99 problems right now.. HELP ME :(( nvm I'll reading our old text and our picture untill I sleep kayh. :) thanks -3.30am

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