The construction had already begun. I'm gonna hide behind that tall building so I can't see things that I hate from now on. I know this is sounded like selfish but I gotta do what I'd to do. The pain is unbearable. No one knows how close I am to the breaking point. The pain that I'd faced all this times seems dragging me down. It's gonna drown me into the sea. I couldn't swim onto the surface because the pain won't let me go. It feels like I'm already dead.. just not being burried in the soil yet. You don't know how strong you are untill strong is the only solution you got left. My type of strong is, I'll not online intagram for a while now. It keeps my heart break into pieces. And guess what.. the only thing that I got to do is move on and stand up.. chin up high. I'm gonna wrecked this uni's life and become an engineer. Because we engineer are like nuclear bombs. It's one of those intelligent profession and one day I'll be back and show to 'em how pain can change a person.

I guess I'd nothing to worry about as all my loved ones are gone and there's no way they can hurt me now. Yeah I still got my friends walking besides me. But me myself have to face the problem. If only I could substitute people to replace me.. nah. If I lose everything and even the world are against me.. my only wish is.. I still want to be me. Maybe next day or so on I'll be the same but from the inside I'm change. I just want to say goodluck to those satans out there and congratulation.. because you did destroyed my life and make my motivation from 100 to -150. Thank you. I just want to say that the next time we'll ever meet.. I will say I'm sorry.. because my back breaks your knife :)