I woke up at 7am after my mother calling my name to ask me to put her things into the car. My lil bro is getting ready to school. My father and first bro had left as his school is far away from my house. While they are doing their things. I just thinking that will last night plan will work out as I got very nervous and praying to God things will get better. After getting ready, I messaged Asyraf, he said that he's on the way to my house after picking up Mukhriz and Ain. They all came from Kangar to Kuala Perlis nohh.. yang sikit tak jauh sajis. I thought that they will take a longer time to get here as suddenly my phone's ringing. It was Ain.. They'd said that they'd arrived. As soon as they arrived.. Asyraf's car have a little bit problem as the engene is getting so hot. The metre almost hit the red. While they fixing the problem with my neigbour.. I invited Ain to get into my house. It is the first time for Ain to come into my house. Then Mukhriz and Asyraf came in as the problem had been settle. After done planning what we'll do next.. we all got into Asyraf's car and we head up to Pizza Hut as we all were so hungry.

Mukhriz took some pictures of us while waiting for the food. Then Haziq aka my imagination father came. We talk a lot of things.. gosipping. Lama tak jumpa gini ah. When the food arrived.. we share our food.. masing-masing merasa.. lelelel. After done eating.. we went to our school.. for your information we all had finished schooling since last year. We go to text book's room to give back the the text book that we'd borrowed. While I was standing at the door.. Asyraf said with terror.. "weh Deana.. Sazali!" and I just like.. ha?! and started hiding. And I asked him again.. who's the fck is Sazali.. ?? hahaha he thought that Syz's name is Sazali.. omgomg kahkahThen we went to the office to ask about our Koko's marks. They'd said that the marks will check in next week. Idk if this words will come true or nah. We'd met cg Roslela!! we missed her.. she gave us some motivation for the upcoming result.. what had happened..its happened. geddit>? hiks We'd noticed something different. The school was a bit quiet that before. I wonder what teachers had said to 'em sampai jadi laguni. lolz. While walking, we met cg Osman. he asked what we do here as there're no job vacancy here. lelx. We just lepak kat rumah ja this whole holiday. My mum doesn't let me werk.

We met cg nurul at Dewan Makan Asrama as there are form 4's student having their orientation. Szali and the gang must be there. And I was like weh Ain.. cover me.. For God's sake I don't want to see those group. My heart can't take it. huh. After that, we went back to the office to ask about Ain's graduation file. Unfortunately the couldn't find it so we'd to wait like so long as they were searching for the file. Then Mukhriz's had an idea to find cg Jaaizah. omg we talk a lot with her. She's such a humuorous lady. She definitely miss us. We met cg Rohimi there. After spending time with her.. we went back to the office and thank God they found the file. Then Asyraf invited us to eat soto in front of the school.. kira legend ah tempat tu. Time SPM time gap tu makan sini ahh.. hahaha such a throwback dengan teringat zaman maki budak2 hok menyembang dengan takder meja kosong.. lulz. After eating.. we went to Kuala Perlis to sent me off.. Luckily my father don't come home yet.

When my father came back.. he just like ok for everything that happened today as I asked Ain and Mukhriz helped me wrote those words in text messages to send to my father. Then my mom come back and she just don't like aaand I'd get grounded. ah fck it. But nevermind next week I'll asked my father to send me to school as I'd to settle my file. fuh. Today is such a great day, Thank you for putting effort to pick me up and hangout together. Such an unforgettable memories today.. thank you guys muah muah. Our family is completed. no backstabber i hope. xoxo