Finally Graduated

Tempat duduk 4 penjuru >.<

Ho hey
Today I'm officially graduated wuuuu!! :3 I woke up at 6am; I wore blue baju kurung and tudung and cream shoes. I arrived at school at 8am. I met Farisha and Bella, we went to the registration table to sign up our name. Then we headed up to Physic's lab. I met Anis and other form 5 friends and upper six form. I picked size 's' robe and started to put it on and damn. Harry Potter scene alert haha. I asked aina whether she brought the magical flying sweep. (penyapu terbang) Mr Rodzil was standing beside the table watching us putting on the robe. Liya asked him to take picture with us. hahaha he said sorry because he is not being photogenic. So cute of him. I saw mukhriz and  he did realized that I'm watching him. Ya yesterday kan I thought he was mad at me for unknown reasons. Before entering the school hall, Liya,Sya, Izzah, Anis and me took picture together. Then we saw Arjuna (Fitri the sporting form 4 guy) We shouted at him to come to take picture of us 4. He came and snapped the photo. Then I saw Muhammad. Oh Lord so hot hahahahahahahaa dah dah.

Then cg Hamran called us to get into the school hall. Beside me was Dekja haaha. We'd to wait like several minutes till the VIP came. Dekja murmured about how hot the hall was and bored to death. He played clash of clan like 5 minutes then continued murmuring. Then he whispered at Aina at front of me telling her to look at his face. wkwkwk part of him is weird. Then he looked at the back and asked kirin why she looked like she was seduced by madro and fitri at her side. Then Madro told her to keep steady even he was sitting next to her. Kirin seemed stresses with 'em. hahaha bukan selalu.Then the VIP came and we all stand and face the VIP. While they're walking, the flower girls took a glanced at Dekja as yesterday Dekja told her "makan gaji buta". hahaha Takleh kucai sebab pengarah ada. Then we'd to sing Negaraku, The state song and the school's song. That embarrassing part was, I messed up with the school's song lyrics. Ans I was like.. ee malunya dah la Dekja kat sebelah. Fortunately, Dekja just acting cool like nothing happened fuh. Then we sat and the headmistress started her talking. Dekja felt asleep and I took that chance to selfie with Ulya. He slept with his mouth opened XD As pengarah pulak started giving speech, Dekja and the gang started to mess things up. I can't hold my laugh. The way pengarah pronounce certain words.. part dia tarik sentece tu, the way he forgot his speech and so on.

Finally, part last terima sijil tu. The first person was kak upper 6 tu but she messed up with the steps and Dekja laughed. He said that kak will regretted that as the photographer didn't took her photo. Throughout the event, we all laughed.. keja gelak ja. There're typing error in some of student's name.. After Fatin was Daniel.. When his turned to received the sijil.. we all clapped so loud for him. Arif ambik hadiah cengey aih hahaha. Dekja said that he was finding some palang to do some workout hahahaha. Finally it's our turned and the person who gave the sijil is the pengarah. Dekja said. "weh kita dapat dun" While queuing up, Liya's mom came and asked me to take picture of 'em. Then Dekja praised Liya's mom that she's so beautiful. Yaa Liya's mom is pretty. Fortunately I didn't do any mistake on stage. Fuh. After that.. teacher asked  us to go outside for photography session aaand my crush is up there. haihhh y u there? We all were so confused like.. there're so many camera and we didn't know which one to focus. Luckily Dekja got an idea.. he shouted.. semua fokus kat mak sarah.. haha then, tengok mak cik pakai baju purple pulak. hahaha Pojan did the countdown.. 1,2,3 cheese and someone scolded him.. semua cheese sapa yang nak ambil gambar XD While me and Sya just weh, fokus kamera yang meman pegang hahahahaha perangai!!

Tapis 600 kali pun you guys will never see me in the picture cuz' fck org depan yang tinggi2

After the photography session ended, we took a deep breath like it was so hot there and all of us were drenched in sweat. My picture with Mukhriz is way too many.. lolololo swag formal semua ada.. My face was hurt just because of smiling to much hahahaha.. Finally I managed to take a picture with Meer, Muhammad ,Mukh, Amri, Amirul and so on in one picture. I took a lot of selfie with beautiful Sufy. Not forgetting pretty Liya as always. Ain wasn't there duh. I took a picture with my neighbour duh.. he's in upper 6. I called my dad to pick me up at 12pm. Before my dad came, I took picture with Amirul.. and we both change number and now I'm whatsapping him about game (assassin creed). lels  When I just chilling in my bed. Meer sent ws  telling me that I looked beautiful today. Damn.. ur crush praised you nohhhh. Terjun bangunan panjat balik terjun lagi sekali because of shocked hHAHAHAHA No one told me that I'm beautiful before. hiks thanks darl. Then tonight I just fighted with him just because he's so closed with Sufy like man.. I was worrying about you all this time. lololo then we'd just ok let just be nice to each other. heh Definitely, today is the day that I'll remember for the the rest of my life.. kalau lupa pun baca la balik blog ni hahahaha. Nampak tak plan dia. I'm scared that I will forgot some of golden memories that I'd during school era that's why I created this blog :>  hiks toddles
Our pictures is way too many doe hahaha since '10. Say Hi to mukhrizz
Hi Miruls haha

the one who always taught me during engineering drawing's class. Hello Amri.
My squad hahhaahahah touch one of us, you'll die

Ameer!!! haha


Dekja sleeping hahaha hi Ulya

Abah Rodzil xoxo

the true beauty with brains. Farah and Anis

The way Muhammad smile haha

24-hrs kpop. Sya the v-kum

sufi's squad xoxo
There're more.. just checked my sec instagram _sodeann hiks :3

Glitters Night & Rehearsal

Hey yoo..
So yesterday's night, I'd a dinner with form 5 batch. The afternoon before the event start, my mom and me went out hunting for dinner outfit. After half an hour, I found my dress. Ya, I wore all black that night and I don't care. That evening my mom made me tried to figure out how to style my shawl because that night is my first time me wearing shawl ever. After 2 hours struggled with that shawl. Dayyum it's so hard than I thought. My mom did my make up that night and she put lipstick because my mouth look like someone who smoke.. that's what she said. While me preparing myself for that night.. aceyyy kahkah. Meer sent me a picture of him and ask if he's looking good? Even he just only wore jeans,shirt and coat.. he did really looked stunning. Can't keep my eyes from staring at him. I arrived at Putra Palace Hotel at 8.30pm something.. way behind the schedule because Ain arrived first. As I stepped up the stairs, the voice from upstarirs really made me .. "alaaa tak sempat sampai dah kena kucai." Idzuan is the first person who praised me. He looked stunned with my looks.. "aku tak pernah tengok deanna make up selama ni, lain gila" Ya you should felt grateful because you saw deanna melaram bagai nak rak for the first time.. just to attracted Muhammad's attention. ahahahaha perangai!!! but it failed anyway but I'm okay.

Muhammad and anis syfqh were the emcee for that night and they really nailed it. I really enjoyed the food. Even the activities they planned is so minimum but I appreciated it. Their work. I couldn't that. hiks. And Muhammad really sang Akim's so well. Part tarik tu fuhh haha (I'm the one who clapped first) So Anis Shamira asked if someone could threw Muhammad a flower.. and I answered.. " why not tak throw I jer sbb I sanggup jadi bunga untuk Muhammad." And starting from that day, Anis Shamira and the gang calling me bunga instead of Deanna and I ain't even mad. Liya aka Yuna for the night asked me to go to toilet with her and we'd met mukhriz at the front with lala. Lala came that night uuuu. Mukhriz asked me to take picture with him and for the second time our outfit match each other like dude.. bfff ja hahaha. You know what, finally that night my mouth can create a beautiful (err I guess) smile.. before this my smile looks creepy as fck Idk why. I took picture with Achik, Idzuan, Fariss (tetibe je), Madro, Nurhan and etc.. But the highlight of the night is.. FINALLY THERE'RE PICTURE OF ME WITH MUHAMMAD & MEER.. haha why capslock? excited mungkin. And Dinah and me took picture together. She's so beautiful told ya! I really had crazy time with Ain, Liya, Farisha and the gang, Idzuan. (he can't keep his eyes from me duh) haha.. Amirul with his jacket and cap.. signature gila. My father came at 11.30pm and back home.. dem boys and girls whatsapping each other like weh tadi dah sembang ada lagi sambungan ka? hahaha I put myself to sleep like 2am in the morning and Instagram were full of our dinner pictures. I'd spam all my followers in my second Instagram's account (_sodeann) because I'm a picture hoarder and posting it on (dynowanted)'s accounf could be such a disaster.

7am this morning I woke up because I'd to go to school for tomorrow event. It's Graduation Day event darls! While waiting teacher calling for us, I just scrolling my instagram and mann.. so many picture to like hahaha. So I saw my crush walking and just pretended not seeing him and it failed I know. The teachers arranged us in the hall and I can't accept the fact that I sat beside dekja and our seat is '4 penjuru'. As the front is dekja, behind us Madro and Fitri, behind 'em is Dani and the gang. It's gonna be funny tomorrow. During rehearsal, the flower girls didn't show up at first, and teachers just.. "mana tlg bawa bunga?" and they showed up. Dekja just annoyed 'em by saying wer makan gaji buta and I can't hold my laugh. They'd planned like, wey time duk atas stage tu, gosok masking tape pakai kaki biar tergulung. I saw dekja's leg rolling the masking tape and the result is mad.. the masking tape attached to his shoes and from 2 lines of masking tapes, it'd became one.. after us, the students all messed up due to confusing one line of tape. We all burst into laughter. The plans went well. The rehearsal end at 11.30am. Tomorrow me gonna wear blue baju kurung. attew, at first planned nak pakai slack ja.. but aina said she want to wear baju kurung so, yeah. Mukhriz looked badmood today, am I doing something wrong? hum :(  c u tmr hiks :)

Madro ,  he won best suits.

Nurhann!! haha his mom is my fav English teacher when I was in standard 6 in SKKPs

dibaa.. take care at PLKN you :>

Zaty the genius one. Since '10

pretty liya as always nak.. eh silap this is Yuna #vscocam #igersperlis #tumblr

ddnah.. I'd always tweeted with her

The emcee for that night.. hehe Muhammad

haha Ameer cuteness level is overloading

MY SQUAD. Anis wasn't there :<

with bae Nazeefa

Lala!! haha this is 5 Arif members. Eventhough this is not complete :>