20 Oct 2014


So now I'm downloading adobe reader so I can open the answer for Physic's module. Lol. 2 more weeks man. SPM is on their way like me no ready yet bruuuh !! Last paper is engineering drawing at 4 Dis !! Oh Lord. So anyway I decided to take aviation for my further study. Maintenance duh. haha Amin. 

So anyway today is super awesome ... I mean AWESOME! First thing first is I saw my crush sat on the chair beside the hall with his head down because he was so sleepy zzzz. Yeah his PT3's exam is over so.. he and XBOX becomes gf and bf and I'm just the decoration of the relationship lulz. So yesterday I was watching Insiduous 2 and all the "terkejut" part was scaring me off so I totally whatsapping him asking him to stay a lil bit late that night just to keep accompany me through the haunted night lol. At first he just like refusing to do so but he did it. Uhm maybe that's why he was so sleepy this morning. umm

Anyway, this evening I got extra class at school. So, Ain, Lieya, Mukhriz and me go out together and there's sarah just 'ehem' from the other side of the road. Like godamnit sarah! hahahaha.duk ada ja. Then we've been chillin around, talking about future.. kucai aku ramai2 just because I've dark skin. Well, ulat beluncas will turn out to be butterflies soon. Wait and see kayh. Lol. We all have to attend extra class throughout this holiday. Haih sabaaarr.. One more thing, at school just now, usually I'll kucai muhammad if I'd seen him.. so I saw him and kucai, hahaha he was eating biscuits that time and started to suap me that biscuit. hahah 'suap me' bahasa apa tu?! wkwkwkwk lantaklah. Then I'd asked ameer to go to prom ok no just kidding.. asked ameer about muhammad's no. Nak tnya soalan math lah wer. Ameer said that.. hang x dak no dia ka? and I just.. if I ada his number why I ask you meercat? lulz His reply just threw me into awkward situation. "alololo nak ker?" ... mmm no komen lah. alololo words is better when my crush using it not meercat. 

Oh this morning at prefect's room. They all like talking about Najwa and long-head picture together and I just bebai la kat dia. Actually nak jugak tangkap gambar ngan dia tapiiii.. I knew dia tak nak.. sampai mampus pun tak nak. benci lah haih. haish I've to leave now with all this post tergantung.. so byee :*

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