19 Sep 2014

That's it

That's it. Now it's 12.33am and here I am. Giving you hint for the upcoming future. Now playing I need you by N-Dubz. I.. just talked to Hazwan via ws. Both of us had deal. He'll keep all my secret. Hey you.. yes you. I just wanna tell you that..

Idk whether you're 'ikhlas' or not to be friends with me or you just stick to the plan. That 3 November will come and the day is the end. I know, everyday every minutes I'm being annoying as hell towards you but I really promise that one. You'll never find or read "Nur Deanna" or "DynoWanted" appears in your timeline. Neither facebook or wechat. I'll dissapears and brings along this heartbroken feelings. That unwanted feelings, I'll take that with me too. No one will find me after that.. even ain and liya. I know I'll lose everything, even friends and memories. It's golden but I'd to let it go. I must be selfish. I must save myself. Idk whether we'll gonna meet one day or not after this. The last day of school. I'll give you something. That's the highlight of our relationship. Thanks for giving me your time.. your pieces of heart. Don't worry about mine. I'd take those shattered pieces and glued it back even it feels like a dozen of knife hitting your back. Why I do this even I know that you don't even care at all. I'm a human. My heart can change. But my love toward you never faded. I can promise that. I'll always stalking your profile but you will not even realize. 

That day will come. The day when our conversation is not on top anymore. The day when all dynowanted account shut down. I'll miss Meman, Ajiq, Ramsey, Pak Non, Musang etc. Everything will be faded. I'm sorry for disturbing you. For making your life messed up. Sorry

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