26 Sep 2014


So happy birthday Delilah!! And Kieran Gibbs ; not forgetting my gorgeous friend farisha. Happy birthday retis... So there's something happened yesterday and I can't get over it because I still in shocked. I was thinking that he hate me and have forgot about my existence as we met as school, he'll never looked at my face neither talk to me :( Ok let's the story begin

I was in the library waiting Anis to finish her prayer. So I'm boring an started browsing twitter as he and zahir came in. My hearts beats like crazy man. I was acting cool even I can felt like my heart began to shatter in pieces. He talked to zahir and started walking towards the door. I was like.. okay he hate me while suddenly. ( my head was down that time, I don't even has guts to put my chin up) he stopped in front of me.. (he was so closed!!!) and started messing around with my phone by sliding his mighty finger on it and I just said 'aipp!!' and smile at me as he go away. OMG That smile. I missed it. I wanna feel that smile again.

And now I got that message.. wkwkwk ok like this, He's gonna be  'manja' and naughty with me when no ones around. If there're people, we both will acting strange like I hate you and you hate me. This is kinda...emm cute? I was so over the moon yesterday and I can't stop smiling sampai anis kucai. hahaha I just too happy man. An one more, I TALKED TO ZAHIR PERSONALLY YESTERDAY! haha first time. My voice was shaky and he replied my question with smile.. his politeness is A+++. OMG I thought that yesterday will be a day to remember. Thanks for showing me that you still remember me. heheh byee 

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