15 Sep 2014


It's raining and I'm listening to Calvin Harris's new song ft John Newman. Sound so good man! Back to the main topic.. Yesterday, after finished Chemistry's tuition at Papa Lee's house whoop whoop. I'm staying at Ain's crib. Ain's mom cooked "goreng pisang" for me. dap oo. haha We've planned to go to McD afterwards but I'd to follow Ain and her family go to "kenduri". 

Lol for the first time I'm riding Volvo's new car model. Abang ipar Ain drive lajuu ooo. haha Then Bella sent us message written that she'd arrived there and we still at the kenduri. I asked her to play playground and took selfie first because we are on the way back home. While at the kenduri, I still remembered that I'm the only one who wore jeans and plaid shirt lolz vogue siaa. The kenduri was so bored, ye la bukan adik beradik I pun.. so instead of making grumpy faces at Ain's family.. I just whatsapping 'ss'. He's at Sg. Petani t.t Thnks 'ss' sudi layan I yang tengah bosan papoi time tu.

Arrived at Ain's crib, solat per semua then we walked to McD. It's heavily raining. The rains have no mercy on us. haha. There, we found Bella and her sister lemau. haha She waited for 2 hours man at McD. Sorry sweetie. haha Then Haziq arrived. All of us studying chemistry until my phone going crazy. It's 6pm and my father arrived driving van! seriously tho, I am not ashamed because it's cool per your father drives van instead of gloomy car. Hahaha my father had some? x marah ker? haha dia xder. Gi jejalan Keyel with two lil bros celebrating the end of upsr.. ending sangat kena reseat balik. haha padan. 

So yeah, oh and one more thing.. I've created one istagram's account just for personal reason. When the time has come, I'll hand that account to this one person. I don't know whether he's gonna appreciate that or not. hmm thats it bye!

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