So happy birthday Delilah!! And Kieran Gibbs ; not forgetting my gorgeous friend farisha. Happy birthday retis... So there's something happened yesterday and I can't get over it because I still in shocked. I was thinking that he hate me and have forgot about my existence as we met as school, he'll never looked at my face neither talk to me :( Ok let's the story begin

I was in the library waiting Anis to finish her prayer. So I'm boring an started browsing twitter as he and zahir came in. My hearts beats like crazy man. I was acting cool even I can felt like my heart began to shatter in pieces. He talked to zahir and started walking towards the door. I was like.. okay he hate me while suddenly. ( my head was down that time, I don't even has guts to put my chin up) he stopped in front of me.. (he was so closed!!!) and started messing around with my phone by sliding his mighty finger on it and I just said 'aipp!!' and smile at me as he go away. OMG That smile. I missed it. I wanna feel that smile again.

And now I got that message.. wkwkwk ok like this, He's gonna be  'manja' and naughty with me when no ones around. If there're people, we both will acting strange like I hate you and you hate me. This is kinda...emm cute? I was so over the moon yesterday and I can't stop smiling sampai anis kucai. hahaha I just too happy man. An one more, I TALKED TO ZAHIR PERSONALLY YESTERDAY! haha first time. My voice was shaky and he replied my question with smile.. his politeness is A+++. OMG I thought that yesterday will be a day to remember. Thanks for showing me that you still remember me. heheh byee 

That's it

That's it. Now it's 12.33am and here I am. Giving you hint for the upcoming future. Now playing I need you by N-Dubz. I.. just talked to Hazwan via ws. Both of us had deal. He'll keep all my secret. Hey you.. yes you. I just wanna tell you that..

Idk whether you're 'ikhlas' or not to be friends with me or you just stick to the plan. That 3 November will come and the day is the end. I know, everyday every minutes I'm being annoying as hell towards you but I really promise that one. You'll never find or read "Nur Deanna" or "DynoWanted" appears in your timeline. Neither facebook or wechat. I'll dissapears and brings along this heartbroken feelings. That unwanted feelings, I'll take that with me too. No one will find me after that.. even ain and liya. I know I'll lose everything, even friends and memories. It's golden but I'd to let it go. I must be selfish. I must save myself. Idk whether we'll gonna meet one day or not after this. The last day of school. I'll give you something. That's the highlight of our relationship. Thanks for giving me your time.. your pieces of heart. Don't worry about mine. I'd take those shattered pieces and glued it back even it feels like a dozen of knife hitting your back. Why I do this even I know that you don't even care at all. I'm a human. My heart can change. But my love toward you never faded. I can promise that. I'll always stalking your profile but you will not even realize. 

That day will come. The day when our conversation is not on top anymore. The day when all dynowanted account shut down. I'll miss Meman, Ajiq, Ramsey, Pak Non, Musang etc. Everything will be faded. I'm sorry for disturbing you. For making your life messed up. Sorry


It's raining and I'm listening to Calvin Harris's new song ft John Newman. Sound so good man! Back to the main topic.. Yesterday, after finished Chemistry's tuition at Papa Lee's house whoop whoop. I'm staying at Ain's crib. Ain's mom cooked "goreng pisang" for me. dap oo. haha We've planned to go to McD afterwards but I'd to follow Ain and her family go to "kenduri". 

Lol for the first time I'm riding Volvo's new car model. Abang ipar Ain drive lajuu ooo. haha Then Bella sent us message written that she'd arrived there and we still at the kenduri. I asked her to play playground and took selfie first because we are on the way back home. While at the kenduri, I still remembered that I'm the only one who wore jeans and plaid shirt lolz vogue siaa. The kenduri was so bored, ye la bukan adik beradik I pun.. so instead of making grumpy faces at Ain's family.. I just whatsapping 'ss'. He's at Sg. Petani t.t Thnks 'ss' sudi layan I yang tengah bosan papoi time tu.

Arrived at Ain's crib, solat per semua then we walked to McD. It's heavily raining. The rains have no mercy on us. haha. There, we found Bella and her sister lemau. haha She waited for 2 hours man at McD. Sorry sweetie. haha Then Haziq arrived. All of us studying chemistry until my phone going crazy. It's 6pm and my father arrived driving van! seriously tho, I am not ashamed because it's cool per your father drives van instead of gloomy car. Hahaha my father had some? x marah ker? haha dia xder. Gi jejalan Keyel with two lil bros celebrating the end of upsr.. ending sangat kena reseat balik. haha padan. 

So yeah, oh and one more thing.. I've created one istagram's account just for personal reason. When the time has come, I'll hand that account to this one person. I don't know whether he's gonna appreciate that or not. hmm thats it bye!


So today my English teacher asked us to write an essay describing a person that you loves. So this is mine.

p/s: don't laugh unless you are him

  First time when I saw him, he was dressed up smart in his school's prefect uniform. He is looking attractive and a little bit chubby and not forgetting he is cute even he is short. I never thought that he is short because in picture he looks tall but nevermind; no one dead because of this cause. He has round face and spiky hair. (at that time lah)

  I got to know him in Facebook when he added and commented at one of my pictures (his friend's pic) in my profile's gallery. I'm the one who started the conversation. (LOL) From that day, we both chatting in Facebook messenger until that day I'm asking his phone's number. I thought that he never gave his private information to strangers but.. he does! I added him in Whatsapp and we chatted almost everyday.. no ; everyday and I'm the one who will started the conversations. (sedihnya) 

  From the conversation, I knew that he likes to play outdoor games such as football, badminton and lawn bowl. He even represent the Perlis team to the national level and won the first place for team category in lawn bowl games at Ipoh, Perak. (ceyy) He loves Liverpool football team so much more than me (kdak) and he could easily mad if I insulted his favorite team. (just for fun je pun kena marah jugak) .

  He loves making new friends until at some points I easily got jealous even we are just being friends. (hmm) Apart from that, he loves Katy Perry so much because her voice is so beautiful and pretty. (cliche lah for the boys) I even tried to sent him audio of my voice singing Katy Perry's song but I just cancelled that plan because if I did, neither he couldn't sleep for the rest of the days or he will hate me forever due to my terrible voice. (padahal suara I dengan Ariana Grande xder beza pun; telinga dia jer problem) 

  Things that he dislikes is when a person lied or do not trust him. He is not gamer person. He'' always being there to support me during thick and thin situation even I'm always make him mad almost everyday.. no; every seconds. He's a patient person that he can always hold his tempers whenever I'm being annoying. There's one day that he was losing his temper due to his bad mood or i don't know, he's stop replying my messages and I was so scared to death that I would losing him forever. I even sent him an apologizes letter that full with regret words. Several hours after that, we both being back together. (LOL) 

  So, throughout the relationships, I'm knowing him better day by day. Oh and he's a cat-lovers too. (cute 100%) I started friend with him at 1 March 2014 (11.42pm) (lol hafal cek oii) and the relationship is still strong and even more strong day by day. (oceeaq) Even he's two-years younger than me but age doesn't define maturity. (che ta buleh kenapa kita tidak? kahkah!) I am so blessed to get know and have him as a part of my life. I hope this relationship last-longing. SS xoxo