3 Aug 2014

I Dare You

So this is gonna be a very short post cuz' I still have one folio that need to be done asap. Ok let's go straight to the point. Yeah I dare You. I dare 'masalah'. Hehehe I know this thing will kinda ermm seems stupid but why not.

So I sent messages's to him via wc saying that.. yeah i like you but you don't like me. But you do know that I'm having crush towards you. So if you are brave enough and very pretty sure that I'm not his future wife.. let's make a bet. One day if we are marry with each other, he will take me to London and watch Arsenal's game live at Emirates Stadium; but if he.. marry with someone else (alamak sedihnya :( ) I will take him to London to watch his favorite football team. 
After dealing. I told long-head about the bet (saksi la kononnya) and he said 'nak ikut'. ahaha gediknyewwzz You know la.. kekadang long-head tu suka buat orang sakit hati.. he said.. " beg nak ikut hampa pi liverpool dah siap dah ni". Kuajar mung. Another deal is. hehehe

If one day, finally me and 'masalah' become husband and wife. I'll take his friends in that 'kelab gentleman's group' to liverpool too.

long-head said. 'hmm pakai x pi dah kami'. wkwkwk nasib hampa la. yeah it seems childish and so.. tumblr? haha anyway we'll see. In 5 years, everything can change, there'll be plot twist. Maybe puberty will hit me hard.. (oceeeaq)

So that's it, ok I'm gonna go now cuz' my people need me. zussss (bye)

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