SHR guys.
(Selamat Hari Raya) so yeah.. yeah hi. Dah hari kedua raye and me sitting here doing nothing. Lagi dua minggu trial. Alolo. Hmm Tak prepare apa pun kud. Keja online merapu ngan montel ja. Montel 2 dia pun bagi tiru folio addmath. Thanks bruh. erm yeah. Everything were fcked up and yeah. I promised to myself TO NOT complained about it cuz Allah know what He is doing and this is the best for me I hope. Amin.

So yah, even-though that my "soon-to-be-my-bae" is gone so I hidup sendirae lah. Sedih ayat. But nevermid, I have atap-zinc that I know he is always be there even I'm happy sad mad or confused. Lol I like to disturb his bae in twitter. And yup, she is cool. That girl gonna be success in life not like me. Ang 'long-head'. I'm like astaghfirullah astaghfirullah astaghfirullah. why is this guy so cute. Even he is my junior aka friend but, his future wife will be so lucky as hell to have him as her husband!! Nakk jugak but me is not his type. Sorry dean, you're out from his league. Ouch! So just now he just acting not to be serious while I'm sad as hell cuz that guy..that guy left me.. blerghhh. My level of geram sama level macam nak gigit long-head. He is such a lady boner type. (pardon me) so yah I just sent him a nice photo of my sexy toe to him with caption "tak lama hokni naik atas muka hang" and he just said.. "lol kaki hang ka? sanggup tangkap gambar sent". I know lah his toe is so motherfcking flawless like cinderella sial but yeah.. suka perli deep kaw kaw. ergh

musang ok that musang.. He is pretending like he is doing some revenge to me and sufi as last week we're not replying his text. Like mogok la. But it is fun to see him gelabah, takut, and he do apologizes to me and sufi like tonnes of times but yeah. Nak buat caner bitch mode: fcking ON. And now, he is ignoring us like.. he 'anggap' that we really need him and will die if he doesn't reply our text but sorry my dear.. peduli per kita orang. haha even he likes sufi. But hey, sufi is me. And me is sufi. huh. suck that. Erm apart from that, just now I just sent to zahir that typical raya message and it turned out to be 'seen' only. Haih, zahir is not impressed. huwaaaaa TT_TT So I just ngadu at long-head about that seen problem and he said.. "aku sent pn dia seen ja". Yeah... //fireworks we both have been friendzoned by zahir. Dayyum. So interesting. *rape face* hahahahahahahahahahaIneedlife

But really now, I just don't kow how to act normally when the school is open next week cuz I don't feel like schooling anymore. Haih, why this happened hah. My soul is not ready and my body too. This is too much. I need my convo right now. Wait, do I have convo? ok no. huwaaaa. yeah your life is so short to be sad bak kata twitter. But I want to be sad too no matter what. *inhales heavily* why this internet is so slow like siput khinzir hah. I want too play dota 2 asap. I need to chill my mind before that fcking kelas tambahan start. From Monday to Sunday kelas tambahan. It's like nanti your house is gonna be your RnR only and school is your house. Why don't we bring along our tent and set up at school's field. Cuz sekolahku syurgaku. So we will be at syurga everyday. (no offence) anyway, goodluck to '97 and '99 as well for our trial. Just slat that thing off and live your mofo life. K. Dean bye.