I lost my words. Yep. Sufi told me everything what to do and not to do but there's me. Head Stone aka ketegaq. Orang nasihat galak tak mau ikut. And now padan muka. For hundredth times I said 'padan muka' to mysdelf. Nah.. I just sad. Sad life part 2 is. Meer.. I just like.. suka suka macam tu ja. Not that damn serious feelings like toward 'masalah'.. 

The thing is.. why must I be the one who is UNLUCKY. I just like 'sentap'. That's why I'm being quiet at school. That one thought always keep spinning in my head. Maybe I just deserve this. I deserve this since I was 13. Starting from anif until now..I just keep reminding myself. Stop.. you just reached the final destination. Stop looking and live your life but.. that.. that masalah. I'm thinking about him all the time sampai dalam kelas nak nanges. 

Maybe I should be alone. yeah. no one halang pun. Negative thought. Selama ni aku asyik buat tau tak tau ja negative thought tu sampai sufi cakap kat aku tadi.. " hang saja kan buat buat tak tau dia nak smpaikan apa". Ya sufi aku tau dia nak kata apa. Tapi tu la.. Me ain't pretty at all. Gelap. Gemuk. Bangang pulak tu.Asyik kena bahan ja dalam kelas. I wish I could turn back time. I wanna rewatch my life since I was 13, 14, 15, 16.. Do I bad enough? I just tegur my kawan buang sampah pun dia mental. 

Aku macam.. dah ah. Orang macam ni patut ka aku layan tapi.. aku..sumpah weyh rindu. Dalam rindu pecah 3 bahagian. and so on. cerita sampai esk tak habis. Oh and about meer.. memula macam ok. Asyraf maybe slaah tengok kud. Than today.. I saw in front of my own eyes. Their ',mesra'. Meer just tickled that girl's face with paper and I just like. ok. fine. bye. im done. Aku bencilah. Aku buat apa sampai semua orang jadi cenggini. I just want supi. Talking with her for hours about boys. But that is only a wish. bye.