SHR guys.
(Selamat Hari Raya) so yeah.. yeah hi. Dah hari kedua raye and me sitting here doing nothing. Lagi dua minggu trial. Alolo. Hmm Tak prepare apa pun kud. Keja online merapu ngan montel ja. Montel 2 dia pun bagi tiru folio addmath. Thanks bruh. erm yeah. Everything were fcked up and yeah. I promised to myself TO NOT complained about it cuz Allah know what He is doing and this is the best for me I hope. Amin.

So yah, even-though that my "soon-to-be-my-bae" is gone so I hidup sendirae lah. Sedih ayat. But nevermid, I have atap-zinc that I know he is always be there even I'm happy sad mad or confused. Lol I like to disturb his bae in twitter. And yup, she is cool. That girl gonna be success in life not like me. Ang 'long-head'. I'm like astaghfirullah astaghfirullah astaghfirullah. why is this guy so cute. Even he is my junior aka friend but, his future wife will be so lucky as hell to have him as her husband!! Nakk jugak but me is not his type. Sorry dean, you're out from his league. Ouch! So just now he just acting not to be serious while I'm sad as hell cuz that guy..that guy left me.. blerghhh. My level of geram sama level macam nak gigit long-head. He is such a lady boner type. (pardon me) so yah I just sent him a nice photo of my sexy toe to him with caption "tak lama hokni naik atas muka hang" and he just said.. "lol kaki hang ka? sanggup tangkap gambar sent". I know lah his toe is so motherfcking flawless like cinderella sial but yeah.. suka perli deep kaw kaw. ergh

musang ok that musang.. He is pretending like he is doing some revenge to me and sufi as last week we're not replying his text. Like mogok la. But it is fun to see him gelabah, takut, and he do apologizes to me and sufi like tonnes of times but yeah. Nak buat caner bitch mode: fcking ON. And now, he is ignoring us like.. he 'anggap' that we really need him and will die if he doesn't reply our text but sorry my dear.. peduli per kita orang. haha even he likes sufi. But hey, sufi is me. And me is sufi. huh. suck that. Erm apart from that, just now I just sent to zahir that typical raya message and it turned out to be 'seen' only. Haih, zahir is not impressed. huwaaaaa TT_TT So I just ngadu at long-head about that seen problem and he said.. "aku sent pn dia seen ja". Yeah... //fireworks we both have been friendzoned by zahir. Dayyum. So interesting. *rape face* hahahahahahahahahahaIneedlife

But really now, I just don't kow how to act normally when the school is open next week cuz I don't feel like schooling anymore. Haih, why this happened hah. My soul is not ready and my body too. This is too much. I need my convo right now. Wait, do I have convo? ok no. huwaaaa. yeah your life is so short to be sad bak kata twitter. But I want to be sad too no matter what. *inhales heavily* why this internet is so slow like siput khinzir hah. I want too play dota 2 asap. I need to chill my mind before that fcking kelas tambahan start. From Monday to Sunday kelas tambahan. It's like nanti your house is gonna be your RnR only and school is your house. Why don't we bring along our tent and set up at school's field. Cuz sekolahku syurgaku. So we will be at syurga everyday. (no offence) anyway, goodluck to '97 and '99 as well for our trial. Just slat that thing off and live your mofo life. K. Dean bye.


I lost my words. Yep. Sufi told me everything what to do and not to do but there's me. Head Stone aka ketegaq. Orang nasihat galak tak mau ikut. And now padan muka. For hundredth times I said 'padan muka' to mysdelf. Nah.. I just sad. Sad life part 2 is. Meer.. I just like.. suka suka macam tu ja. Not that damn serious feelings like toward 'masalah'.. 

The thing is.. why must I be the one who is UNLUCKY. I just like 'sentap'. That's why I'm being quiet at school. That one thought always keep spinning in my head. Maybe I just deserve this. I deserve this since I was 13. Starting from anif until now..I just keep reminding myself. Stop.. you just reached the final destination. Stop looking and live your life but.. that.. that masalah. I'm thinking about him all the time sampai dalam kelas nak nanges. 

Maybe I should be alone. yeah. no one halang pun. Negative thought. Selama ni aku asyik buat tau tak tau ja negative thought tu sampai sufi cakap kat aku tadi.. " hang saja kan buat buat tak tau dia nak smpaikan apa". Ya sufi aku tau dia nak kata apa. Tapi tu la.. Me ain't pretty at all. Gelap. Gemuk. Bangang pulak tu.Asyik kena bahan ja dalam kelas. I wish I could turn back time. I wanna rewatch my life since I was 13, 14, 15, 16.. Do I bad enough? I just tegur my kawan buang sampah pun dia mental. 

Aku macam.. dah ah. Orang macam ni patut ka aku layan tapi.. aku..sumpah weyh rindu. Dalam rindu pecah 3 bahagian. and so on. cerita sampai esk tak habis. Oh and about meer.. memula macam ok. Asyraf maybe slaah tengok kud. Than today.. I saw in front of my own eyes. Their ',mesra'. Meer just tickled that girl's face with paper and I just like. ok. fine. bye. im done. Aku bencilah. Aku buat apa sampai semua orang jadi cenggini. I just want supi. Talking with her for hours about boys. But that is only a wish. bye.



yehey lagi berapa hari nak raya and at the same time hello trial. haaih suck it up laah.So, hi guys.. whatchu doin'? Me? naah nothing. Actually aku just nak luah perasaan ja..kalau nak cerita face to face dengan orang lain mesti kena judge teruk. ye lah., he is a lot younger than me so..hmm I'm not replying his message since yesterday.. Aku just 'terasa' Aku tau.. aku tak laa lawa macam mira snow white tapi I'm a human too. Sufi pun macam nasihat aku suruh move on. Tapi jujurlah aku cakap.. i miss him. like I'm typing that I miss him and just kept looking at that sentence and then I delete balik. He seems doesn't care at all. So qiqi just wsep me saying that he said to him that I was merajuk cuz he have conversation with supi. Haih '-- But what is my mistakes. He left me just like that and pretending like.. kau pikirlah sendiri apa yang kau dah buat.

And then yesterday.. he sent 'maaf' to me. I know.. that is ayat tergantung which i dislike much. In capital letter sufi said 'DONT REPLY'. and yeah, i do follow her words. But my mind keep struggling. nak reply ke tak nak.. but IF i reply he'll say.'xdk apa,awat, ok, alright ,bye' sakit hati der. Seems like selama ni macam nak tak nak ja sembang ngan aku. Like I'm questioning about his level of ikhlas. I want to cry but do this guy deserve my tears? So, I'm asking musang about what do guys think when the sent sorry.. he said maybe nak jaga hati, depend on that person or he... really mean it.I know sometime he is kejam macam nak mampus. You know what.. i turn on my bitch mode so yeah.. pretend like I don't care but reality is.. i still 'usha' him.

Duh., at one point bila dah rasa macam gila aku nak reply lah.. I will go to fb and kacau 'longhead'. lol. he's funny sometime even kat sekolah nampak macam boring gila. Suka send emoji muka menyampah, yeah, sama macam muka dia lah. So i added his friend.. muahaha let me wrote his name as 'nan' lah yer.. lulz. "i panggil mak i ummi". Astaghfirullah. Someone please kipas me because damn gurl he's so fine.fuh. Last friday, I was  accompanying siti waiting for his mum to arrive and I saw nan. When I saw him.. walking
down the street.. he look so fine.. I just cant believe....all that I can say was mmmyeah yeah.. thanks austin for da lyrics. hahahaha dia nak jadi sawan dah. Aand he looked at me and boom! pregnant. wkwkwkkwkwkwk jkjkjk. He's so nice actually even kat sekolah buat muka serupa celaka.. you know. Tidak mengenal erti senyum. lewls.. nanti aku tlg ajaq

so anyway.. I miss you 5Y42 TT_TT but you're playing. main2. eyy nyampahnyaa! Sufi advised me by saying that he is not the one. you deserve someone better. Madro too. He said that tak sesuai laa aku ni jenis manja tahap pokok mangga while him jenis tak ambik kisah. It really hurts. Sufi asked..'hang terasa kan aku cakap gini'.I said no. pergh pembohongan yang paling nyata dan haih.. haih.. i just dont know what to do right now. hm bye.

  • I do reply his text. Saiaaa taak kuat!!
  • So, once upon a time when I was 14. I have major crush toward Nan's brother. 
  • Nan unfriend me. ba ba ba bi
  • so iffa broke up with fcker
  • atap zink love me!! hahaha i know he just doing stupid joke.
  • longhead makin gedik
  • I called nan 'bighead' aka fckface
  • I love physics xoxo


fuh fuh..//tiup habuk. Happy fasting you guys. Dah bulan puasa.Raya kelapan trial. Havoc giler sekolah aku buat awal bapak trial. Anyway, too many stories I'm gonna tell you guys.. but hmm.Let me start with Result exam pertengahan tahun.Hmmm ok la meningkat la jugak 1 fail jer.. addmath puaka tu punya pasal. LK cukup makan ja T_T fml. A- Sej dengan english.come on laa 5A ke atas laa kalau craving nak masuk utp.Abang aku pun dah start motivate aka bebel via wechat jumaat ritu.Rindu aku le tew. 'Yang' aka masalah pn motivate aku jugak. Thanks ler awak even selalu badmood or x der mood ~.~ dia punrilek jer aku tgk dengan pt3 yang renyah tahap. Anyway.. even result meningkat.. still kena marah. Questioning about my LK 
and my addmeth result. Idunno how to tackle that subject tho. haa dh start dah dia punya nigger.lol.Starting from today kenapulun laa puan dyno oi. pfft. Dengan internet serupa celaka caner aku nak stadi tgk cg romie tu stadi lk. t.t And 3 bulan broo; 3 bulan x der cikgu math ngan addmath. sekolah dermalah darah anda memang sempoi. hmm

Next, majalah sekolah. Aduh minggu ni suara aku dah serupa cakra khan. penat bertekak pasal nak ambik gambar. First session azri ngan qib x der. Lindung batang pokok laa.. dahan pokok laa. Yang cerdik nak jugak location tu dah kenapa. haha. session kedua ada sekali guru kelas. Rozillian. haa. Baru tau dia sempoi ambik selfie dengan madro. Jangan didelete gambar tu sampai bila-bila.Dengan shahmin duk centre.. madro jadi batang monopod.lulz. Pastu kan kan.. hokni aku eksaited.Kelab inovasi session. aku duk sebelah meer. maigodd finally. //tabur bunga. he's so mm.. buleh laa.. tapi lepas tu aku gaduh ngan dia. derek .-. ho laa duk sembang kata malas laa apa laa.. serupa nak tabuh pakai batang penyapu jaa.. malas apa masuk
geng berlian.. pi la hampa berlian tu. Aku rela jadi batu hampar pun x per.Then hasrat nak ambik gambar ngan model playboy pun tak kesampaian. malu laa apa laa.. yang penting "starbucks i punyer" kk nis jangan tabuh aku. yang dia baca sajiss. perks of having blog that no one knows about it existence/.

Apart from that.. haa kuiz kimia. gilew if form 1 deanna know about this.. lol. waktu lower form aku laa yang paling banyak menyumpah kat subjek sains. bukan apa.. dah x minat and cikgu yang ajaq tu pn x buat aku minat. so how? lol. aku sahut laa seruan ain suruh join. Sebab meer join. tediaa tak ikhlas. kk saja cuba nasib. x pass pun bukan cg kimia nak ligan aku satu sekolah. watlek watpis. And haritu ada mini sukan laa katakan. 'masalah' tu join perbarisan. Aku nak tengok tapi siti ngan iffa ibarat nenek kebayan tak tahan panas. Teman laa liya date dengan amyay dia tu. Tunglaa set2 ada bf.'masalah' tu pn hmm aku x tau.. aku kata aku syg skgi dia marah.. keja marah orang. awat panggil 'masalah'? cuz it funny.. masalah sent a 
message.. masalah called.. masalah ... haha k. kekadang dia buat org happy, merajuk, marah, menyampah.. masalah really do that.. so that is why i called him masalah.. he called me alien. elok la dua orang jadi lagutu. Oh and you know what, there WAS a form 1 student like  me. nokharomm. he;s really creepy from my opinion. pastu dia main2. ingat elok kud main2 perasaan orang. Masalah tu bt banyak kali dah pastu dia kata dia tak main2. Buleh mati pikiaq.lulz. but now.. dia dh stop hantar wc mintak gambar laa apa la.. i tau laa i comel tapi jangan la laguni kan.. pfft. kdakdak x comel

Syd,. hmm i think i shud call him syed rm2 cuz anytime i selisih dengan dia.. mesti minx rm2 even now is Ramadhan. beli apa tah budak ni. hey still remember atap zink? masih hidup jangan risau. orang pakai lenovo lamalaa.. duk selfie ja. rambut tajam2. lulz. Nasib rambut masalah aku sisip tepi jaa.. comey oo. actually aku perangat dia jaa.. bukan gemuk tara mana pun. badan dia naik sikit jaa.. pakai blazer namoak ramping gitu. gugat iman aku,, saia taak kuaat awaaak.lulz. come on laa.. 2 tahun kud. hmm fine sufi fine. tapiii.. im done looking lorh. Aku couple dgn bdk cina ranking first tu mau terkejut semua orang. Cinta dua darjat. hahahahahahaha buleh pi sajissss lagi lama lagi aku merepek. kbyebye