Hiii :>
Suprise motherfcker I'm back!! Ok that's so nigga I'll stop right now. "want a boy bestfriend". Fortunately I've one. atap zink bumbung sekolah :)) Kaunselor, kaki gosip semua serah kat dia. Suka merajuk :> I'm glad that he is coming back after we'd a big fight last month. Pretty scary cuz I feel so alone back then. So what about szczesny? he'd changed. I miss the old him. Sakai, always said hee.. duh nevermind. But now... haih. Semua salah aku. Overly attached sangat. And now padan muka. 

But hey.. I've pretty handsome lil sakai 13 years old junior right now. Cheeky. Semua baik ngan aku. Bersyukur gila. Kawan kelas aku pun baik. 5 Arif '14' family kedua aku. Hilang satu.. tak paa.. ada banyak support belakang aku. Sometimes I'll get kisses emoji from him oo. Its not like,, omg sweetnya dia aku nak kapel ngan dia. No. That feeling memang tak sampai. I remembered that one night. I'd terrible mental breakdown when szczesny dumped me just like that. I cried. First time wey. Celaka gila feeling aku. Then I told him how I wish I receive 'goodnight' wishes from someone atm. And he replied me with 'haha'. Fcking hate that 'haha' word. It makes the whole things becomes more awkward. Several mins later, I got a message said "goodnight".. It's from nathan katanyaa. I just laughed and things became much better. I fcking love him. I have no regret to be a friend to him. Thank you atap zink rumbia bumbung sekolah :)

How's life? yeah, I'd deleted szczesny, anak semut,  etc from mylife. Its not worth keeping 'em. They hurt me. And pretend like nothing had happened and it kills me slowly. It's killing me but it ain't hurting 'em. So I've new scandal. Thanks to Ain Liya Aina etc for ruining my life. deannanan". Kekejaman tahap radikal. Aku terasa dicabul. Lol. That egg's incident will remain unforgettable memories. Padan muka yiya. Liya with Amri now. Tungler celaka~~~I love my life right now. I learn to appreciate it more. fck them for making me weak but hey.. suprise motherfcke. Idgaf. I wish I care but hey.. I don't. wekk well fck you.